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Talk:Mother and Child Isles

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Word or ampersand?

So, this page is currently at the title "Mother and Child Isles" with "Mother & Child Isles" as a redirect. However, the page itself consistently uses the ampersand instead of writing out the word "and", as does the game itself upon a check of a The Wind Waker text dump. Is there a reason why this page's title uses "and" instead of "&", or can it be moved to the proper title? —Preceding unsigned comment added by 1337star (talk) {{{2}}}

For some reason, the wiki doesn't display the "&" character correctly, so we had to move the page from "Mother & Child Isles" to "Mother and Child Isles" since the title was being displayed as "&" instead. Buuuut I think that might have been fixed since Ball & Chain Trooper works... Let me try moving it... Dany36 15:17, 23 March 2011 (EDT)