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Wizards, Wizzars, and Wizzrobes

Are or are not Mago's the "Wizards" this and the Wizzrobe page refer to? And if they're neither Wizzrobes nor Magos, why do they not have their own page? While we're on it, what exactly is the difference between a Wizzar and these so-called Wizards then? Either there's something wrong amidst or you guys have some cleanup to do methinks.


I find it fascinating the Futabasha guide depicts Mago as wearing a mask, and the only instance we know of of an enemy with the same grotesque facial characteristics to match their unmasked depiction is in a world with a proclivity for mask-wearing, and their name is misspelled as Wizrobe over their alleged race "Wizzrobe." Their affinity to throwing bolts of fire that linger about also matches the MO of a Mago over a Wizzrobe. Makes you wonder whether the JP version is consistent and we got a botched translation, like Gibdos in TP. Servantofgod (talk) 21:00, 30 November 2013 (UTC)