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Information lacking

Labrynna seems to have less detail or info than holodrum. It seems to be a pattern with ages/seasons articles, with the information or quality leaning heavily toward seasons in most cases. I suggest that each oracle article be compared to its counter point in order to obtain a more uniform appearance for the wiki. Any thoughts?--Magnus orion 20:16, 20 July 2008 (UTC)

My thoughts are that more people have played Seasons over Ages (although I've yet to beat either, I'm working on Ages right now). Many people haven't played, let alone beaten, either of them, hence the Wiki's overall lack of information regarding them. I agree with the idea of trying to get a more consistent feel throughout the Wiki by comparing and contrasting article differences; after all, that's why the game pages are so similar as well. 00:30, 21 July 2008 (UTC)

Labrynna's Locations and Landmarks

You know, Link87 is doing a great job at expanding this article with well-written content, but it's almost kinda sad that his descriptions of the places are waaaay better and more elaborated than the ones in the main article. Take for example the Black Tower page. It doesn't talk about how Veran's possession of Nayru changed completely the direction that the Black Tower took as she was manipulating Queen Ambi. What I'm suggesting is that the more elaborated sections (the ones by Link87) are copied and pasted over to its respective main article, while giving a brief summary in the Labrynna page of the history of that place. I don't know if this made any sense to anyone other than me... o_o Dany36 18:46, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

Well that makes sense to me, so I have no objections if that is what everyone would prefer. I'm very flattered indeed. If this is what is preferred, I can copy and paste as Dany suggested and create an abbreviated version of the content for this page in its place with a link to the main page. Link87 19:01, 11 June 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, it's just that it doesn't really make sense for the Labrynna article to have a longer explanation of the Black Tower when the Black Tower article was just two small paragraphs. I'm not blaming you, though, but rather it amazes me how much great detail you put into the pages. Dany36 00:44, 12 June 2009 (UTC)
Lol, well English was my favorite subject in school and I love to write. I figure if I'm going to write something, I ought to do it right and give it my all so that others can enjoy it and learn whatever information on the topic they seek in an enjoyable way. And I understand what you mean, and I fully agree. So what I may do is write the longer, fully detailed versions and transport them to their respective main articles and then create an abbreviated version of it for this article. If viewers wish to read more about the topic then they can follow the link to the main article, so it works out nice overall that way. And once again, thank you for the compliment, I am indeed humbled. :) Link87 00:49, 12 June 2009 (UTC)
I removed the "Improve" template. I think this article is very well done. Of course, future edits are welcome, but I'd deem it up to standard. =] Good work, Link87. -- Xizor 19:42, 19 June 2009 (UTC)
Why thank you Xizor, I do appreciate the compliment. And yes, any and all future edits are welcome by anybody. I am nearing completion of the article, though I do have some work left to do. I'd like to complete the text for the sections and then perhaps add appropriate pics for the article as well. Once those two things are done, the article will be complete, and then it will be on to the next one. I have a lot of fun helping to improve the articles that need it, and I look forward to all the others to come. ;) Link87 19:49, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

Zora Seas theory

I have came to a conclusion that it may be possible that the zora seas and great bay could be connected....No?Yes?--T Locks was here-- 01:37, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Well, while I see nothing to disprove this, I would need to see supporting evidence for it. I am of a mind that the Zora Seas is indeed connected to the ocean that borders Hyrule, if that makes sense. Take for example that we know that Labrynna is in the same universe as Hyrule, not a parallel dimension like Termina, and that we see Link leaving on a boat at the linked ending of the Oracle games that looks very much like the one he was traveling in during Link's Awakening while on his way home to Hyrule. This is a theory I have come to believe after such evidence to support it. It is possible I'd say as well though that this same ocean could somehow be connected through a portal to the Zora Seas and the sea bordering Hyrule as well (this is how some believe the Gerudo originally came to Hyrule, from Termina), in a similar way that the Lost Woods contains a portal to Termina's Clock Tower. So in short, I'm not saying it's not possible, but I am saying that I'd need to see supporting evidence to judiciously pass a yea or nay on it personally, evidence like that for the aforementioned theory about the Zora Seas connecting to the one containing Koholint Island. Link87 02:49, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

My supporting evidence is my common sence supporting that if you put two and two together you would get this theory!these two just happen to be the only large areas of water with water extending out of their respective maps.Do you understand?But there being one portal to termina there is probably another.--T Locks was here!--_ 20:32, 25 November 2009 (UTC)


I've decided this article is far too large, and will be cutting it down to remove unnecessary, fluffy information. This is an independent action taken based on previous discussions by the entire ZW Staff. --Xizor 05:15, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

While the effort placed into this article should be commemorated, it simply is quality over quantity, and I agree with Xizor, wholeheartedly. To be honest, the majority of the subsections contained content that shadowed even the main articles they had linked to, in sheer size. I suggest that, because the content discussed in those sections was thorough and hearty, that the main articles that used to be in the "Locations and Landmarks" section should be added to with such information. Perhaps the landmarks are worthy of a listing, at the least, but not whole paragraphs and essays. The page was beginning to lock up my browser, it was so long.
  1. REDIRECT User:Cipriano/sig 05:56, 3 February 2010 (UTC)
The entire section was simply removed. The article itself is part of the category with all those places. I see no need to list 20+ things on this page. This page is not a category. --Xizor 06:10, 3 February 2010 (UTC)
Then again, we could make a simple chart for the places, instead of lining them up down the page. I do believe they should be on the page somewhere, because while we, as frequent users see them as useful and benefitial, normal users/readers run the risk of the categories going completely unnoticed. Just a thought.
  1. REDIRECT User:Cipriano/sig 21:17, 3 February 2010 (UTC)
I would suggest restoring what Xizor removed, but not to this page in particular. I propose taking that information and doing one of two things: make a subpage for locations and place it there or take each place's text and put it on their respective pages if their pages are lacking. There's no need for all that hard work to go to waste one way or the other. I would like to see something on the page too, though I can understand the size concerns. I just think we can do better than "cut first, ask questions later". Link87 21:57, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

I'd start with placing as much of the removed information on those respective pages, if they need it. The point is to have information only on the relevant pages. It spreads out the information and makes it easier to read and load. On other pages it's supposed to be a quick summary, not a full explanation. Some of the information there was far more detailed than the main pages were. It's supposed to be just enough to make the person want to see the main page for what was mentioned, not an insertion of that article. It's a good way to balance, information, page size, and boost page views. More views seem to help boost the popularity of the whole place. 00:28, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

That would be my assessment as well, I concur. We had some good material there that as you say was better than what was on the actual pages for those places, so that's probably the best course of action in regards to that. Now the question is who is to take on that task. I would think that the person wishing to reduce the size of the page would be a natural choice for it, given that the work for it is already done. I wrote much if not all of those descriptions, and I don't mind to move them when I get time, but if it's such a pressing issue to cut the article's size, a little help would certainly be appreciated since I've been swamped with schoolwork as of late. Link87 01:56, 4 February 2010 (UTC)

If the content in the section is better than the content in the respective articles, shouldn't that content be split?--Knife 03:53, 4 February 2010 (UTC)

That's precisely the point Matt and I are making. The question is who's going to go back through the history and restore all that data to the respective pages that need it. I wrote most of it, but that's going to take time I may not have at my disposal immediately since it requires going back through the history now since Xizor already removed it from the page. I can try to do it when I get the time, but I would have thought that if it was of such importance that the page be shortened that the natural person to do this work of restoring that data would be whoever removed it if they have access to more time that I may have at the present time. There's no doubt a lot was put into that data, and it would help the individual pages. Link87 05:57, 4 February 2010 (UTC)

Merge project

As suggested above, the removed information from this page should be merged into the each article to which it pertains. The text to be merged is below, please remove each section once it has been included into an article.

Ambi's Palace

Main article: Ambi's Palace

Ambi's Palace is the home of Labrynna's royalty far in the country's past and located in Lynna Village. It is unknown how long it had existed by the time of Queen Ambi's reign, but seeing as it bears her name, it appears that she may possibly have been responsible for the construction of the palace. Another possibility too is that the palace had been the home of Ambi's family for generations and that it merely took on her name when she became queen. In any case, it served as Queen Ambi's home[1] and the seat of government in Labrynna as far back as 400 years in the past. Ambi's Palace has a large courtyard, complete with trees and small mazes.[2] In the southeast corner of the courtyard is a secret passageway leading to an underground waterway that connects to another secret passageway within the palace itself, allowing one to enter the palace undetected if they wish. The palace itself is two stories tall and boasts of impressive halls and large chambers befitting Labrynna's royal family. It is here that Link pries Nayru from the grip of Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, who subsequently possesses the hapless Queen Ambi herself when she returns to the palace just in time to see Nayru freed. Following this encounter, Link was unable to access the palace until he later pried Queen Ambi from Veran's grip as well and destroyed her utterly. However, in the present, the remains of Ambi's Palace have been sunk beneath water and the palace has vanished entirely, leaving almost no sign of its existence and instead being replaced by Nuun Highlands.

Black Tower

Main article: Black Tower

The Black Tower (originally called Ambi's Tower)[3] is a massive tower of stone and grout that was built to the heavens 400 years in Labrynna's past by the order of Queen Ambi.[4] Originally, the project of building the tower was intended to guide Queen Ambi's love, the Captain, home from the sea.[5] Having left Labrynna several years prior and not yet returned, Queen Ambi worried about his safety and decided to build what was originally called Ambi's Tower to the heavens to search the entire land and sea for any sign of his return or to act as a beacon to guide him home.[6]These peaceful plans for the construction of the tower changed however when the Oracle of Ages, Nayru (secretly under the control of Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows), arrived as though from nowhere and became Queen Ambi's most trusted adviser through Veran's cunning.[7] She convinces Queen Ambi to send those closest to her away so as to prevent a power loss and then convinces the hapless queen to push her people much harder to build the tower.[6][8][9] Soon she also hoodwinks the queen into believing that if she is able to push the construction of the tower to the heavens, she could go down in history as Labrynna's greatest queen[10] as well as conning her into allowing Veran to use the powers of the Oracle of Ages to create an endless day so the people would have to work on the tower without rest.[11][6] Oblivious to the suffering and misery she was inadvertently bringing upon her people, Queen Ambi's project, Ambi's Tower, begins to earn a new title amongst her subjects: the Black Tower.[3] Near the end of Oracle of Ages, the Black Tower serves as the site of the final battle between the Hyrulean Hero Link and Veran when he comes to pry Queen Ambi from her grip and stop her plot. After Link deals Veran her death blow, the Flame of Sorrow is lit (much to the delight of Twinrova), meaning Veran's purpose for the tower succeeded nonetheless.[12] After Veran's death and long after the end of Queen Ambi's reign over Labrynna, the Black Tower still stands to this day overlooking the land and visible from almost anyplace.

Fairies' Woods/Deku Forest

Main article: Fairies' Woods
Main article: Deku Forest (Oracle of Ages)

The Fairy Woods (formerly known as the Deku Forest in the past) is a confusing labyrinth of trees found in southwestern Labrynna that, in the present, is home to a group of fairies that have enchanted the woods to cause any foolish enough to wander into them to become hopelessly lost.[13][14] If any wandered into this forest, the only way the native fairies would yield safe passage through the woods is if the stranger played a game of hide-and-seek with them and won.[15] Link is forced to confront these fairies more than once, once when seeking out the Wing Dungeon and again when he learns that either Ricky, Moosh, or Dimitri has become lost in the woods. In the past, the forest is known as the Deku Forest, home to a few Deku Scrubs as well as a very special tree that grew Mystery Seeds, which Queen Ambi seeks at the behest of the possessed Nayru during Link's adventure in Labrynna to stop Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows.[16] Veran, having heard of the Mystery Seeds and curious to know their effect, convinces the queen to offer the reward of Bombs as well a personal audience with her as a reward for one who could locate the mysterious seeds. Link brings the seeds to Queen Ambi and receives his reward[17], in turn using the Bombs to enter the Wing Dungeon in the past (which had since caved in during the present age) in search of the Ancient Wood, one of the eight Essences of Time.

Forest of Time

Main article: Forest of Time

The Forest of Time is the home region of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, in Labrynna.[18] This special forest is home not only to Nayru's house but also to many talking animals that love to hear her melodious voice as she sings for them in a comfortable clearing in the forest's depths.[19][20] The forest is located in the central-northwestern section of Labrynna and borders the lower levels of Rolling Ridge. This forest is protected from evil by a special stone barrier possessing the symbol of the Triforce and can only be removed by the Hero possessing the same symbol on his hand.[21] It was this barrier that kept the evil Sorceress of Shadows, Veran, from assaulting the Oracle of Ages for a time, until she seized her opportunity by possessing Impa, the caretaker of Princess Zelda of Hyrule who had come to warn Nayru of danger and to bring her to Hyrule for her safety, and using her relationship with the Hyrulean Hero Link to trick him into removing the barrier blocking her way to the Oracle of Ages (since Link possessed the predestined symbol on the back of his hand).[22] Link would continue to return to and travel through this forest throughout his adventure to defeat Veran.

Hall of Secrets

Main article: Hall of Secrets

The Hall of Secrets is a special chamber within the trunk of the Maku Tree in which Link can go to activate secret codes he learns throughout his journey and thus gain new powers or treasures. Farore, the Oracle of Secrets, presides over the chamber and guides Link when he comes to her with a new secret in hand. It is also in this chamber that Link has the ability to link his previous adventure in Holodrum to his current adventure in Labrynna (provided he has already visited and aided Holodrum by the time he visits Labrynna). Farore keeps track of any new secrets Link brings to her and offers her counsel upon Link's request. There is also a twin chamber to the Labrynnan Hall of Secrets in the land of Holodrum, which enables Link to continue his adventures one right after the other.

Hero's Cave

Main article: Hero's Cave

The Hero's Cave is a proving ground for a worthy Hero that is a detour of Maku Road leading to the watery meadow of the Maku Tree. The cave appears after Link inputs the code he learned after the defeat of Onox in Holodrum at the Hall of Secrets, making it appear as a detour that can be found on the way to the Maku Tree's grove. Link cannot fully access the entire cave until he has ascertained all items from within the eight dungeons scattered across Labrynna. At the end of the cave, Link can obtain the powerful L-3 Armor Ring, with which Link increases his defensive power by three, but also decreases his sword's power by three as well.

Lynna City/Lynna Village

Main article: Lynna City
Main article: Lynna Village

Lynna City (formerly known as Lynna Village in ancient times) is the capital city of Labrynna and the seat of the country's government. It is a prosperous city that serves as the commerce center for all of the country and has served as the capital since ancient times, even going back as far as the reign of Queen Ambi herself. The Maku Road leading to the Maku Tree's grotto can be found within the northern boundaries of the city. The city is home to Vasu Jewelers, the Lynna City Shop, a small library, a mask shop, and several homes in the present. In the past, the city was then a village and thus much smaller than it is in the present. However it was then home to the expansive palace of Queen Ambi as well as the massive Black Tower that stands south of where Ambi's Palace was located in the past. The tower still stands over both Lynna City and the entire country of Labrynna in the present. The city was formerly ruled by such monarchs as Queen Ambi, but in the present age it is presided over by the elected Mayor of Lynna City, Plen. In South Lynna, the small region just south of the main part of the city, a special Ember Tree grows and produces the flaming Ember Seeds that prove to be vital to Link's quest for the Essences of Time. In the present, Ambi's Palace has vanished from the city's northern limits and has since been replaced by the watery Nuun Highlands. A small inlet also flows into the city from the Zora Seas and surrounds a statue at the city's heart (originally of a mermaid, but later of Link himself). Link visits the city numerous times in both its past and present incarnations on his quest to defeat Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows.

Lynna City Shop

Main article: Lynna City Shop

The Lynna City Shop is a prime location for buying supplies and equipment that is located on the eastern side of Lynna City in Labrynna's present age. It is run by a single shopkeeper and features many different items, such as Bombs, Arrows, Shields, etc. There is also a private section for select members where they may purchase rare and even more valuable items, such as Rings, Pieces of Heart, etc. This shop can only be accessed by one bearing the Member's Card.

Maku Road

Main article: Maku Road

Maku Road is the name of a series of caves that leads to the Maku Tree's watery grotto. Maku Road is home to several enemies however, making the trip a dangerous one for those unprepared to deal with the dangers. It is also within Maku Road that Link can obtain several different treasures as well, provided he possesses the necessary tools by that point to reach them while on his quest for the Essences of Time. The caverns eventually lead to a small passageway that leads back up above ground, right into the Maku Tree's abode.

Maku Tree's Grove

The Maku Tree's Grove is a watery grotto lying on the north-northeastern border of Lynna City that is home to the Maku Tree, the powerful guardian of both Labrynna and the Oracle of Ages. Her memory is rooted in the powers of the eight Essences of Time, and when they are out of evil's hands, the Maku Tree has the capacity to produce a Huge Maku Seed which will grant the holder the power to discern truth from falsity and reality from illusion. The grove of the Maku Tree has two entrances: the main entrance which is guarded by a large gate that leads directly into Lynna City and the cavern entrance that leads out from Maku Road. The Maku Tree is shown to have lived in this watery grove since ancient times, roughly about 400 years in total according to her own words. Link returns to this grove numerous times throughout his adventure to visit both the Maku Tree as well as the Hall of Secrets. It is also here in this grove that a portal is later generated that will transport Link to the Room of Rites, the lair of the evil Gerudo witches collectively known as Twinrova, in order to rescue Princess Zelda.

Mayor's Official Residence

Main article: Mayor's Official Residence

The Mayor's Official Residence is the official home of the sitting Mayor of Lynna City, the current holder of the title being Mayor Plen. It is unknown if the structure is provided to the sitting mayor of the times as a provision granted during the mayor's elected term or if this has always been Plen's home even before he was elected mayor of the city. In any case, it serves as the working home of Mayor Plen, serving as both his home and his workplace during the present age of Labrynna. The dwelling is located in the heart of Lynna City, fittingly given its status as the home and workplace of the governing official of the realm.

Moblin's Keep

Main article: Moblin's Keep

The Moblin Keep is a fort/castle-like structure that was built on the heights of Rolling Ridge and serves as the dwelling of the nefarious Great Moblin and his band of Moblins. The Great Moblin builds the structure into the side of one of Rolling Ridge's cliffs and rigs the floor of the entrance hall to collapse shortly upon being walked on so as to prevent any unwelcome visitors from reaching the staircase leading up to his chamber, where he has stockpiled much of the Bomb Flower population of Rolling Ridge. The Great Moblin is known to harass the native Goron race of Rolling Ridge and confiscates their Bomb Flowers in an attempt to create a monopoly for himself using them in order to generate a great deal of wealth. This changes when the Hyrulean Hero Link comes to Rolling Ridge on his quest for the eight Essences of Time and learns of the plight of the Gorons. Using his Pegasus Seeds, Link is able to get past the collapsing floor of the Moblin Keep's entrance hall and works his way to the Great Moblin's chamber, where he does battle with the tyrant himself. Curiously, the very thing the Great Moblin has been trying to monopolize proves to be his undoing when Link turns the Bomb Flowers against the Great Moblin (by means of causing him to drop one of them into a larger pile of the flowers) and causes an explosion that destroys the keep and forces the Great Moblin away from Rolling Ridge as a result.

Nuun Highlands

Main article: Nuun Highlands

The Nuun Highlands are a series of watery hills and waterfalls that take the place of Ambi's Palace in Labrynna's present age. Very few remnants of the great palace of Queen Ambi remain in these watery lands, but they serve as the means by which to access Symmetry Village in the present age, which can be reached only after Link assists the Boss of the Carpenters by traversing the watery highlands (often with the assistance of Dimitri in most cases) and finding the missing Carpenters in order to have them build the bridge necessary to access Symmetry Village. The Nuun Highlands are surrounded by Rolling Ridge to the east and Symmetry Village to the west, along with Restoration Wall.

Patch's Abode

Patch's Abode is a small cavern dwelling that sits atop Restoration Wall in Labrynna's past that served as the home of a man named Patch, who was known for his unique ability to repair nearly anything through a trap-like ceremony he created in his basement. The trap consisted of a mine-cart on a set of tracks going around the basement chamber. Any wishing to have Patch restore a broken item for them would have to step on a special switch to keep the mine cart on its trajectory around the chamber and thus keep it from running over the item being repaired while at the same time trying to dispose of four beasts by means of pushing them into four holes located in the four corners of the room. Only when these four beasts were vanquished could the ceremony/trap succeed and thus restore the item being repaired by Patch. It was here that Link brought Symmetry Village's broken Tuni Nut to be repaired in order to save the village from destruction at the hands of an unstable volcano, and later the Broken Sword in order to turn it into the Noble Sword.

Restoration Wall

Main article: Restoration Wall

Restoration Wall is a large cliff that is perilous to climb due to the constant falling boulders that can crush travelers to death. It was at the top of Restoration Wall that a man named Patch made his home and concocted a special ceremony/trap that could restore broken items to their original states if another partook in the ceremony. Restoration Wall is located on one of the mountain cliffs to the north-northwest of Ambi's Palace in Labrynna's past and to the west of Symmetry Village. It was this dangerous wall which Link was forced to brave while climbing to its top in order to repair Symmetry Village's broken Tuni Nut and save the village from the dangerous eruptions of an out-of-control volcano that sits at the village's heart.

Rolling Ridge

Main article: Rolling Ridge

Rolling Ridge is the name given to the expansive mountain range located in the north-northwestern region of Labrynna and is home to the graceful Goron race and its leader, the Goron Elder. The mountain range borders the Forest of Time to its southern border in Labrynna's present age and borders the Nuun Highlands to its western border (Ambi's Palace in Labrynna's past). The region is quite rocky and is well known for its bountiful supply of Bomb Flowers that grow and flourish on Rolling Ridge's mountains. The Gorons are known to harvest Rolling Ridge's Bomb Flowers and market them to the public. This trade is threatened however when the greedy Great Moblin comes to Rolling Ridge and builds his castle-like keep on the heights of Rolling Ridge. The Great Moblin hopes to seize control of the region's entire Bomb Flower supply and turn it into a profitable monopoly for himself. This changes however when Link arrives on Rolling Ridge in search of the Crown Dungeon while on his quest for the eight Essences of Time. Link learns of the Gorons' plight as well as the predicament their leader, the Goron Elder, is now in (having been buried beneath a large pile of boulders). Knowing the only way to get the elder out and save his life, Link learned they would need a Bomb Flower to destroy the debris and free the elder. Link then storms the Moblin Keep and does battle with the Great Moblin, causing the destruction of the keep when he causes the Great Moblin to drop the bomb he is holding onto a larger pile of bombs, setting off an explosion that destroys the keep. After the Great Moblin flees Rolling Ridge, order is restored to the Bomb Flower trade and the Goron Elder is freed. Link is then granted access to the Crown Dungeon that also sits on Rolling Ridge's heights. Link also later finds the Mermaid's Cave at the foot of Rolling Ridge (behind a large waterfall in the past but the waterfall is dried up in the present), another known location of one of the Essences of Time, which he must visit in both the past and present ages of Labrynna.

Sea of No Return

Main article: Sea of No Return

The Sea of No Return is a section of Labrynna that is largely inaccessible in the past age, as it is a part of the Zora Seas that is surrounded by lethal whirlpools that deny access to any wishing to enter from the sea itself and located in the southeastern section of Labrynna. The Sea of No Return was most notable as being the home of the Ancient Tomb, one of the known locations of the Essences of Time, namely the Falling Star. The precise history of this mysterious section of the sea is unknown, as is the true nature of the Ancient Tomb itself. It remains unclear just who the tomb served as final resting place to, but in any case it became the home of the Falling Star at some time in Labrynna's past. The Sea of No Return was in fact a section of the sea that rose above sea level and was home to a large stone maze that would eventually lead to the entrance of the Ancient Tomb. However, this maze was filled with many twists and turns and was filled with many lethal enemies ready to greet any visitors to the Sea of No Return such as Lynels and many powerful knight-like enemies. These enemies, combined with the maze and the nature of the Sea of No Return itself, proved to be a formidable barrier to any wishing to visit the Ancient Tomb. Link comes in search of the final Essence of Time, the Falling Star, toward the end of his adventure in Labrynna, seeking a way to penetrate the many whirlpools surrounding the Sea of No Return. After helping the Captain and his crew in escaping the violent Sea of Storms by giving him the Zora Scale, the Captain gives Link the Tokay Eyeball, a jewel that is precious to the natives of Crescent Island. Link eventually figures out that this jewel is the missing "eyeball" of the Tokay Guardian statue that sits on a small landmass in the center of Crescent Island's bay. Fitting the eyeball back into its original place opens the mouth of the Tokay Guardian, revealing a passageway that leads to an underwater road leading safely through the whirlpools and into the Sea of No Return. Link then braves the great maze and many enemies inhabiting it to reach the Ancient Tomb and find the Falling Star. It is notable that in the present, the Sea of No Return has all but disappeared entirely as the Zora Seas have receded considerably in the 400 years that have passed. However, the Yoll Graveyard takes the place of the Sea of No Return in the present and is the home of the first Essence of Time, the Eternal Spirit. The passageway through the Tokay Guardian has also been transformed into the Moonlit Grotto in the present, the home of another of the Essences of Time, the Echoing Howl.

Sea of Storms

Main article: Sea of Storms

The Sea of Storms is a turbulent section of the Zora Seas that is, like the Sea of No Return, surrounded by deadly whirlpools that denies many access to its interior as well as denies escape from it. Only one possessing a Zora Scale can momentarily calm the violent waters and cross over the whirlpools unharmed. A secret underwater entrance is the only known way for one to enter this section of the Zora Seas. The Captain and his crew of pirates at one point or another become caught within the Sea of Storms and are unable to escape for an extended period of time, until Link enters the sea after receiving a Zora Scale. Link later trades the Zora Scale for the Tokay Eyeball with the Captain, enabling the pirates to escape the Sea of Storms at last.

South Shore

Main article: South Shore

The South Shore is a small section of beachline that was located on Labrynna's southern coast that borders the Zora Seas. The shoreline is the closest point on the mainland of Labrynna to the mysterious Crescent Island, home of the Tokay. It is on the South Shore that Link digs for Ricky's Gloves, which are the property of Ricky the kangaroo. Link visits the South Shore several times throughout his adventure in Labrynna as he travels from the mainland to the various sections of the Zora Seas including Crescent Island, the Zora Village, the Sea of Storms and the Sea of No Return.

Symmetry Village

Main article: Symmetry Village

Symmetry Village, also known as Symmetry City, is a sister city to Lynna Village/Lynna City in the northwestern section of Labrynna. As its name implies, the city is one of perfect balance and is best known for this aspect. Everything from the number of people to the placement of buildings must be in perfect symmetry to maintain order and peace within the city. This balance is protected by a special nut known as the Tuni Nut, which sits in a shrine at the heart of the city. When Link first visits the city in the present, he finds it in ruins after being destroyed from the violent eruptions of a now-dead volcano that rests on the city's northern border. Using the Harp of Ages, Link travels back into Labrynna's past and discovers the city in peril of being destroyed by the unstable volcano, thrown into a rage after the Tuni Nut was somehow broken (suspected to be Veran's doing). Link resolves to save the city from destruction by taking the Tuni Nut to Patch on top of Restoration Wall and having him repair it. After braving the dangerous cliffs of Restoration Wall and surviving a trap-like ceremony needed to repair the Tuni Nut, Link succeeds in his task and restores the Tuni Nut to its rightful place, restoring balance to the city and calming the destructive volcano. Traveling back into the present, Link discovers the city to be a bustling place, much like Lynna City, and discovers that the interior of the dead volcano is actually the Skull Dungeon, one of the locations of one of the Essences of Time he seeks, in this case the Burning Flame.

Talus Peaks

Main article: Talus Peaks

Talus Peaks are a series of cliffs and caverns that reside in the northwestern section of Labrynna, on the far west side of Symmetry Village. A series of waterfalls flow from the top of Talus Peaks and down to the lower levels of the cliffs that make up the peaks. In the present, Talus Peaks are largely peaceful for the most part, aside from the typical enemies that inhabit it. In the past however, the dangerous Restoration Wall could be found to the southeastern section of Talus Peaks. Link was forced to travel between past and present in order to reach the cliffs of Restoration Wall and reach a hermit named Patch. It is also on Talus Peaks in its past incarnation that Link can find a small underwater cavern near the summit of the peaks where he can learn the Tune of Currents and thus unlock more of the power of the Harp of Ages. Over the course of time, small features, such as the placement of rocks and the level of water, have changed on Talus Peaks, though they are for the most part recognizeable in comparison to their past appearance.

Vasu Jewelers

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Vasu Jewelers is a chain business with stores in both Labrynna and its sister land of Holodrum. As is implied by its name, the business revolves around jewelry, with Vasu himself running the business as the head jeweler and an expert on rings and appraisals of rings. Link is able to obtain his first Ring Boxes from Vasu Jewelers and frequently visits the establishment when he finds a new ring that holds a new power that can be of use to his quest for the Essences of Time. Although Vasu appraises the first ring Link presents to him for free (and thus unlocks its power), he charges a fee for each ring appraised henceforth. When equipped with an appraised ring, Link can gain various new abilities while wearing them, making his trips to Vasu Jewelers worthwhile to his quest.

Yoll Graveyard

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The Yoll Graveyard is a great cemetary located in the eastern section of Labrynna in the present age, right where, in the past, the Sea of No Return was previously located. Mysteriously, the Sea of No Return and the Ancient Tomb it protected have vanished in the 400 years that have passed between the past and present ages, a result of the receding of the Zora Seas and the rise of the ground above sea level. This apparently transformed the Sea of No Return fittingly into the site of a different tomb, the Spirit's Grave, where the first of the Essences of Time can be found. It is here that Link comes in search of the first Essence of Time that rests within the Spirit's Grave. On his way to the grave through the graveyard, Link meets a group of young children who have come to investigate and search for ghosts. Curiously, Link does indeed meet a ghost whom he helps move on to the afterlife by moving his headstone and thus setting his spirit free. In thanks, the ghost gives Link the Poe Clock as a reward before Link proceeds further into the graveyard and the Spirit's Grave. It is also here in this graveyard that Link can find Syrup's shop, where he can buy various potions to aid him in his quest. In order to enter the graveyard however, Link must acquire the Graveyard Key in order to open the Yoll Graveyard's gates. Once he discovers the Spirit's Grave, Link braves the dungeon's twists and turns as well as its master, the Pumpkin Head, to claim the Eternal Spirit.

Zora Seas

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The Zora Seas compose the vast ocean that flows to the south of Labrynna's mainland and serve as the home of the Zora race. To the far southwest is located the Zora Village, the main settlement for the Zoras and the location of King Zora's palace. Link is eventually able to warp to this place since there is a small patch of land above the surface on which a Gale Tree grows. Further west, into the central section of the sea, is Eyeglass Island Library and the cavern that is home to the Fairy Queen that watches over the Zora Seas and protects them from harm. Yet further west is located the turbulent Sea of Storms that is characterized by its numerous whirlpools that deny access to this part of the sea from the surface. Just west of the Sea of Storms is the mysterious Crescent Island, home of the Tokay race. Finally, to the northeastern section of the Zora Seas is the deadly and mysterious Sea of No Return, home of the Ancient Tomb. When Link first dives into the adventurous waters of the Zora Seas, he finds much of the western section heavily polluted by Veran and is forced to restore the Great Fairy to her original state in order to cleanse the seas and save both King Zora and Lord Jabu-Jabu from death. It is also here that Link comes in search of the seventh Essence of Time, the Rolling Sea, located deep inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Zora Village

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The Zora Village is the primary settlement of the Zoras in the land of Labrynna, located in the far southeastern section of the Zora Seas and entirely underwater. The village is composed of various houses and buildings (made of various sea-related materials) as well as the shrine of Lord Jabu-Jabu and King Zora's Palace. When Link first comes to the village in search of a giant fish said to hold one of the Essences of Time deep within his insides, he finds the Zoras as well as the very fish he has been seeking, Lord Jabu-Jabu, suffering from the effects of mass pollution that has been cast over the seas by Veran. Link is forced to free the Fairy Queen that protects the Zora Seas from Veran's enchantment, who then cleanses the seas and saves the Zora Village and all in it. Link visits the village in both the past and the present in order to accomplish his task and is eventually rewarded with permission from King Zora to enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly in search of the Rolling Sea.

Level 1: Spirit's Grave

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The Spirit's Grave is the home of the first of the eight Essences of Time located all across Labrynna. The grave is located in mid-eastern Labrynna at the far end of the creepy Yoll Graveyard in the present age and can only be accessed by one possessing the Graveyard Key to open the Yoll Graveyard's main gate. Inside the grave itself, the tomb presents itself as a labyrinth of creepy passageways full of enemies and traps. Within the grave, the Hyrulean Hero Link is forced to do battle with a Giant Ghini while searching for the first essence, acquiring a Power Bracelet along the way. Finally the Hero was forced to do battle with the grave's master, the evil spirit Pumpkin Head, the guardian of the first essence. Link was forced to lay this spirit to eternal rest in order to gain access to the final chamber of the grave, which housed the first Essence of Time, the Eternal Spirit.

Level 2: Wing Dungeon

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The Wing Dungeon is the home of the second Essence of Time located within the Faires' Woods in the central part of Labrynna. When Link first discovers the ancient cave structure that is the entrance to the Wing Dungeon in the present, he sees that in order to reach it he must remove a rock that acts as an obstacle. However, when he removes this rock, it turns out that it was a supporting foundation that kept the ancient cavern entrance from crumbling, and it collapses to rubble in front of Link's eyes. However, Link uses the time-travel abilities he has gained to go back to Labrynna's past, to a time when the ancient cavern is still intact. In this age, the ancient cavern entrance is located in the Deku Forest, the predecessor of the Fairies' Woods, and Link discovers through the advice of a curious citizen, that in order to enter the cavern, he must obtain Bombs to blow open the cave entrance. To this end, he learns that Queen Ambi is offering a reward of bombs and a personal meeting with her to the one who can find and bring to her a strange kind of seed known as a Mystery Seed. Link discovers a Mystery Seed Tree deep within the Deku Forest and is brought to Ambi's Palace to meet Queen Ambi, where he presents her with a sampling of the Mystery Seeds (secretly for the Possessed Nayru) and she presents Link with his reward of Bombs. Link then uses the bombs to blow open the ancient cavern entrance in the Deku Forest and enters the Wing Dungeon, which is revealed to be a series of twisting and turning underground caverns inside which Link is forced to battle a devil-like monster known as Swoop in order to obtain the Roc's Feather as well as face the evil master of the dungeon, the Head Thwomp, in order to obtain the second Essence of Time, the Ancient Wood.

Level 3: Moonlit Grotto

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The Moonlit Grotto is a series of underground caverns and sandy tunnels located beneath Crescent Island in Labrynna's present age. It is located within the Tokay Guardian statue located at the heart of the island and is the home of the third Essence of Time. After learning of the third essence's location from the Maku Tree, Link is forced to help a young man named Rafton build a raft in the past age by means of traveling between past and present to obtain the inventions of a man named Cheval, who is revealed to have invented rope that would not decay in water as well as the Flippers, which would grant basic swimming abilities to the one wearing them in pools, lakes or rivers, though they would not suffice in the rolling seas. After Link obtains the Island Chart from Tingle and successfully helps Rafton construct a raft, Link is permitted to use the raft to reach Crescent Island to the southeast of Labrynna's southern coastline. However, he is waylaid by a storm and the raft is destroyed in one of the subsequent lightning strikes. Link washes ashore on Crescent Island, but finds that he has been robbed of nearly all of his arsenal of items by the Tokay, forcing him to go through a trading game in order to re-acquire all of his belongings that results in the planting of a new Scent Seed Tree in the island's nursery. After he re-acquires all of his items, Link travels to the present-day Crescent Island and enters the statue that the Tokay call their "guardian" and discovers that the statue is in fact the home of the third essence, the Moonlit Grotto. Link navigates the sandy tunnels and passageways leading beneath the island and is forced to do battle with a mole-like creature known as the Subterror in order to acquire a new item called the Seed Shooter. This item comes in extremely handy when Link later faces the evil boss of the dungeon, the Shadow Hag, whom he handily defeats with his new item. The defeat of the Shadow Hag earns Link the third Essence of Time, in the form of the Echoing Howl.


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A republic or a province of Hyrule?

I have doubts about the government of Labrynna during Zelda's age. The article says that Labrynna is ruled by the mayor of Lynna City, but I found no evidence of this. Logic dictates that a mayor rules over a city, not over a country. On the other hand, the Princess Zelda of Hyrule comes to Labrynna (in a linked game) because of the trouble in that land. My hypothesis is that Labrynna became a province of Hyrule. My evidence is weak, but it is still stronger than the one supporting a republic: Zelda sends her emissary Impa first, then comes in person, the same way a rightful ruler would come and inspect one of his/her provinces in trouble; in fact, no one in Labrynna calls for Zelda's help; furthermore, the mayor seems little concerned about anything that happens outside Lynna City. --Abacos (talk) 01:01, 8 May 2017 (UTC)