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Talk:Golden Goddess

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Article Name

I propose that this article title be changed to simply "Goddesses" or "Goddesses of Hyrule," since "Golden Goddesses" seems to be rarely used... 00:56, 20 April 2007 (PDT)

The term "Goddesses of Hyrule" is never used, thus "Golden Goddesses" is the proper term when referring to the three of them. The term Golden Goddesses was used in The Ocarina of Time, and A Link to The Past. September 2007

Now that this article is up for nomination, perhaps we should re-examine its title. The word "The" isn't really necessary. Anyone up for moving the article back to Golden Goddesses?Matt (Talk) 03:28, July 4, 2008 (UTC)

Well I cleaned up the mess that was made with incorrectly moving this article. However I still am not happy with the name of this article. IT seems to be no more than a purely fan-made name. How is "Golden Goddesses" the most accurate name for this article? I was thinking that either "Great Goddesses" or simply "Goddesses" would be better. Matt (Talk) 23:50, September 12, 2009 (UTC)

The Great Deku Tree calls them Golden Goddesses:
Before time began, before spirits and life existed... Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule...
Lanayru calls them just Goddesses, so...I guess it's up to personal preference. Dany36 00:05, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

The Goddesses and their respective elements

For the purpose of enhancing this article, I think that it's best that I ask other users what they think about the Goddesses "Attributes" subsections. In-game, I've noticed that Din is often associated with fire, and the earth, Nayru is associated with water, and the aspect of time, and Farore is associated with forests, and the wind. Naturally, because I've added most of the information that is on the page at this time, the article reflects my view. Does anyone disagree with any of these assertions?--Farewell to Gibdos 17:50, 22 January 2008 (EST)

As noted below, I sea no evidence of a Nayru-water link besides that the sea spirit Jabun holds Nayru's Pearl in The Wind Waker, and the Farore-forest link is based on landmark-conjecture. There's stronger evidence for the Earth God (almost certainly Din), to be associated with Forests, as TWW and TMC strongly associate the element of Earth with forests or trees (the Minish Woods and the earth spirit Deku Tree). Din-Fire is the only one we can safely claim of that triad, as her spell is named after it, the Power Spirit imbues the Phantom Sword with fire, the Great Fairy resembling her in FS is the "Great Fairy of Flame", and fire is used to describe her in the creation myths.KrytenKoro 22:00, 27 January 2008 (EST)
I don't quite get what you mean by "other than"; if there's a connection there's a connection. Another connection, as noted below, is the pearl symbol similarity with the spiritual stone of water. Another is the landtype associations in Twilight Princess. There are still more. Din is moreso associated with Fire than with Earth. Besides, the only connection between Forest and Earth is the Great Deku Tree in WW. However, he holds Farore's pearl. The Goddesses true appearances are unknown, unless perhaps the creation cinema appearances are accurate.--Farewell to Gibdos 00:33, 28 January 2008 (EST)
...If there's a connection, yes. If it's a coincidence, no. The Tune of Ages and Zora emblem are somewhat similar, but not the same. The land-type association, as I explain below, can be twisted any which way you want it too, since there are towns, mountains, rivers, fields, and chasms in every province. Forest-Earth - Again, I specifically explained that it occurs again in TP. The only time the forest is actively linked to anything, it is the Kokiri, the Earth Spirit, and the Earth Element. Not wind. The Wind Temple is a desert-like place, and while it may have had a Kokiri sage, that's about the extent of the connection - and the Earth Temple had a Zora sage, so your claims would be contradictory anyway. The very reason why these probably aren't actually connections is because there's as much or more evidence pointing in the opposite direction.
The "similar appearances" is between the Oracles, named after the Goddesses, and the trio of Great Fairies in the Four Sword games.KrytenKoro 13:30, 28 January 2008 (EST)

Actually, I was referring to this statement: "I sea no evidence of a Nayru-water link besides that the sea spirit Jabun holds Nayru's Pearl in The Wind Waker." Then you do see a connection.

So the similarity between the Spiritual Stone of Water and the Symbol of the Tune of ages is coincidence? I strongly disagree, considering the striking resemblance, and the trend of games associating Nayru with the element of water. The landtype association is very solid. Eldin is primarily mountainous, with Death Mountain, a volcano, as it's prominent feature. Faron and Ordon are primarily forest; no other provinces features forests. Lanayru is primarily water, with Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia. Sure, there's a stream in Ordon Village, but a province where water is totally absent would be a bit awkward, if not inhospitable.

As I said before, association with one Goddess does not necessarily warrant dissociation from another. Is it possible for anything to be associated with more than one Goddess? You know, like Celia, the spirit of Courage and Time? --Farewell to Gibdos 01:52, 30 January 2008 (EST)


Note: Moved to Talk:Golden Goddesses/Connections

Picture... what's the word I'm looking for, Issue?

|*whistles*| Whoever did the picture work at the top of the page is not half bad. I'm supposing he's the same guy who did the stuff for the islands of Wind Waker and the stations of Spirit Tracks, among others I haven't seen for myself. Nice job, guy! (God, I sound like that lantern oil broker) Whoever you are, introduce yourself!

However, that leaves us with a problem of getting to that picture in full quality. Anyone got an idea to solve this? Meanwhile, is it OK if I add this thing to each of the Goddesses' pages? Lord of the Stalfos Creatures - Stalfos Meeting Chamber 02:50, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Names of the Goddesses

This is one of my crazier ideas, but perhaps there is a connection between Nayru and the real-world island of Nauru, and between Farore and the Faroe Islands? Considering I've not found an island or island chain corresponding to Din (somewhat ironically), I don't take the idea all that seriously. Drakvl 23:16, 31 August 2010 (EDT)


Not a whole lot to be featured Zelda4life 20:40, 4 April 2011 (EDT)