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Statements needing sources

So there's a couple statements in this page that don't have any sources, and none that I can seem to find.

"Later, she begins losing hold of the undead forces, most of which defect to Ganondorf's service upon his resurrection; several of their Darknut leaders end imprisoned in Gerudo Desert by the other monsters. After her death, her other Forces return to their homes, until Ganondorf forces them into his own growing army."

As far as I know, nowhere was it stated anywhere in-game that Cia's Forces defected to Ganondorf's side after her defeat. I'm not even sure if the Monster Forces in the Gerudo Desert are formerly Dark Force troops, as there's nothing stating this. Likewise, there's nothing stating that the Imprisoned Forces were imprisoned by the Monster Forces. It's implied to some extent, but not stated. I'm wondering more about the other statements though.

I mean it's possible, but without sources, it's more like speculation. For all we know, the Monster Forces could simply be a separate horde of monsters with no prior affiliation with Cia. - Midoro (T C) 20:12, 18 September 2015 (UTC)