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Talk:Enemies in A Link Between Worlds

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Official names?

Just a quick question for anyone out there, does the Prima A Link Between Worlds guide contain an enemy listing with names? Does it have names for regular enemies in the guide anywhere? If the physical guide does not, does their eGuide have them? I notice there is an subheading for enemies on their eGuide but there are no preview sections available. If either of these do and you have access to them, the most important information is names for the new enemies. These are the gargoyle versions of the Armos, the bomb spitting Peahat-like enemies in the Ice Ruins, the Lorule crabs, the weird enemies in shells in the Swamp Palace, the House of Gales salamander bosses and the giant Bari (is Gigabari official?). There are also a number of new enemy varieties like the fiery Swamolas. I will be obtaining the guide myself in time, but thanks in advance. Fizzle (talk) 16:50, 12 December 2013 (UTC)