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Talk:Ember Seed

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So I've noticed Ember Seeds, Mystery Seeds, Gale Seeds, Scent Seeds, Pegasus Seeds, Arrows, and Golden Skulltula Tokens have been marked with the move tag, suggesting they be moved to a singular name (Ember Seed instead of Ember Seeds). Why? These items, with a possible exception of the last, are almost never referred to singularly in-game. So... obviously... I'm suggesting to just remove the tags, but I figured I should run it by the community first. --Douken 05:49, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

I have to say that I agree, sans the removal of the Gold Skulltula Tokens tag (I DO think that that one should be moved). —Ando (talk) 20:27, 9 August 2008 (UTC)
The whole point of those moves is that it is not encyclopedic to have those titles plural They are each about one item only and therefore they all must be moved. Page titles are only plural when they are about more than one item, person, etc. (Spiritual Stones, Carpenters, Goddess Pearls, etc.). With this almost-never-referred-to-as-singular-in-the-game logic, then we'd have to move: the Rupee article to "Rupees", Miniblin to "Miniblins", Bomb to "Bombs", you get the idea. It is a silly thing to do. If those articles stay as they are, then the Seed articles, Arrows article, and Golden Skulltula Tokens article have to move.Matt (Talk) 20:46, August 9, 2008 (UTC)
"Not encyclopedic," you say, so I guess my only choice here is to agree. Now that I think about it, you only use one seed at a time, so in that sense it is singular anyway. So I guess these pages should be moved after all... --Douken 20:14, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

I was just going to say that thing about one seed at a time. Well, that applies to arrows too. And you get Skulltula Tokens one at a time too.Matt (Talk) 20:48, August 11, 2008 (UTC)

Not true, not true! Although it only deducts one at a time, the Hyper Slingshot in Oracle of Seasons uses three seeds at once! --Felicia's Champion 10:35, 20 September 2008 (UTC)

Yeah we know that. What matters is that only one is deducted. So it seems that we seem to be for moving these pages. An admin will have to do it.Matt (Talk) 21:35, October 21, 2008 (UTC)