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Nice page here. Clearly this would be the best place to dump the articles for each of those items. A massive merge-yes; but similar to the Magic Rings. User:Axiomist/sig 22:57, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

I added the merge template to all the individual pages. I'm not sure exactly how to do it, but if nobody objects, I'll try to merge them myself. I'll wait a bit to let people voice their opinion, though. Ionizer 05:34, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

Merge them all! MERGE THEM ALL! MUAHAHAHAHA! I love merges...but yeah, it would be nice to group them together. They're similar and all. They're not even outstanding items, and they all do the same thing: look pretty. DO IT. Noble Wrot 03:31, 28 September 2009 (UTC)
Pretty much what Noble Wrot said. Why have a bunch of short articles about the decorations when we could have a nice, long, neat one! :D Just think of the Fish page, and you'll see why merging all these silly articles would be better. ;) So I say yes to MERGING >:D Dany36 03:40, 30 September 2009 (UTC)

Talk from pages Redirected to this one

Instead of having a bunch of small pages (that are only two to three lines tops) about the trading items, why don't we just merge them all into one page? Dany36 01:14, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

I agree. I put up the merge template. Hopefully that will get people to talk about it. Ionizer 05:22, 13 August 2009 (UTC)
Yet another article that would be much better merged with similar content. In my opinion anyway. User:Axiomist/sig 23:43, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Now that it's done...

Uhh, now that it's all done, Should we just rename it to Zunari's Shop or something. It's pretty much all of his wares. idk, the Island Trading Sequence too is basically the same content. So now pretty much the only achievement here was turning 15 redundant pages into 3. Other than the fact that I had to buy everything from Zunari and get quotes for the page, of course. Plus getting better images and a shot of Zunari's stall would be an improvement. User:Axiomist/sig 06:01, 1 October 2009 (UTC)