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Zuna-Bulblin connection

Both Zuna and Bulblin apparently originate in the Gerudo desert. Both have green skin. The Zuna are described as a TRIBE, not a RACE, and it is entirely possible that the plant magic the bulblins apparently lack is tribal in origin. Zunas mention a "banished" tribe, which some theorize to be the Twilli. Bulblins actively work with the Twilli, perhaps out of a sense of brotherhood. And Ganondorf, whilst in twilight, might not have had access to his Moblin mobs and thus used Zant's blindly loyal dayside followers, not only explaining why they replaced Moblins TP but also why they quit at the end of the game. Granted, I have not finished TP, and haven't even played four swords, but really, this is too big a coincidence to miss. Masterweaver 02:33, 27 May 2009 (UTC)