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Talk:Breath of the Wild Translations/Locations

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Edit request on Divine Beasts

The kanji on the Japanese translation is correct, but the Romaji should be Shinjū. (Source: Japanese dub of the Memories) Langswitch (talk) 21:16, 2 July 2017 (UTC)

Region names in Spanish

Below is a list of the European Spanish names for the game's major regions and locations.

Deep Akkala - Corazón de Akkala - Heart of Akkala
Akkala Sea - Mar de Akkala
Akkala Highlands - Sierra de Akkala - Akkala Mountain Range
Tarrey Town - Aldea Arcadia - Arkadia Village

Eldin Mountains - Cordillera de Eldin - Eldin Mountain Range
Eldin Canyon - Valle de Eldin - Eldin Valley
Goron City - Ciudad Goron
Death Mountain - Montana de la Muerte

Lanayru Sea - Mar de Lanayru
Lanayru Wetlands - Pantano de Lanayru - Lanayru Swamp/ Marsh/ Bog
Great Lanayru Spring - Manatial de Lanayru - Lanayru Spring
Mt. Lanayru - Monte Lanayru
Zora’s Domain - Region de los Zora - Region of the Zora

Hateno Village - Aldea Hatelia - Hatelia Village
East Necluda - Necluda oriental
West Necluda - Necluda occidental
Kakariko Village - Aldea Kakariko
Lurelin Village - Aldea Onaona - Onaona Village*

Faron Sea - Mar de Farone - Farone Sea
Faron Grasslands - Pradera de Farone - Farone Prairie/ Meadow
Lake Hylia - Lago Hylia

Hyrule Field - Llanura de Hyrule - Hyrule Plain/Prairie
Hyrule Ridge - Colinas de Hyrule - Hyrule Hills

Great Hyrule Forest - Gran Bosque de Hyrule
Korok Forest - Bosque Kolog

Hebra Mountains - Cordillera de Hebra - Hebra Mountain Range

Rito Village - Aldea Orni
Tabantha Frontier - Confines de Tabanta - Edges of Tabanta/ Perimeter of Tabanta
Tabantha Tundra - Gran estepa de Tabanta - Great Steppe of Tabanta/ Great Tabanta Steppe

Gerudo Highlands - Cordillera de Gerudo - Gerudo Mountain Range
Gerudo Town - Ciudadela Gerudo - Gerudo Fortress/ Citadel
Gerudo Desert - Desierto de Gerudo

* Onaona means 'inviting', 'attractive' or 'alluring' in Hawaiian. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Ortensia13 June 27, 2018 04:48