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Talk:Ballad of the Goddess

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Isn't she singing in the "forgotten sky language"? A reference to this can be found in the words of Chad from twilight princess. PianoMastR64 05:11, 16 July 2012 (EDT)

I'm assuming you're referring to the title "Hylian Lyrics?" Frankly, since we have the song on a sound file, I don't see the point of having that phonetics section at all. — Hylian King [*] 09:02, 17 July 2012 (EDT)

I must confess. I got that information from a mere youtube video comment. But it sounded promising as it rang a bell. I regrettably trusted it without any former research. I was referring to Shad, not "Chad". Sorry about that confusion. All that aside, if one visits the shad page and looks at references 5 and 7, one will see that he refers to some kind of "sky writing". It is unclear though if it is ancient or modern. I would be glad to answer that question if I find the time. If I find out that the "sky writing" is in fact ancient, then maybe my question will have some merit. I also notice that obviously not all dialogue from this character is included in the page as indicated by the first reference. Is this supposed to be? If so, where can all dialogue be found? I am of course assuming that all dialogue references are written in order as such organization seems intuitive.

TO: Hylian King – I do disagree that the section be deleted altogether, but I do have a concern about the phonetics. How do we know that they are 100% right? This part does deserve a reference or two. Audio files aren't exactly sufficient in determining the exact phonetics of the song. She is probably actually verbally singing in Japanese and if these words can be determined, the phonetics will be much easier to discern. Also, what's the point of having the section if only a select few, educated in the interpretation of all the fancy symbols, can actually read it? An official, yet easily read by anyone, phonetic transcription should be included with the formal, more descriptive one. PianoMastR64 03:27, 21 July 2012 (EDT)

1. Language: Instead of Hylian or forgotten sky language maybe something like "Language of the Skyloft people" might be okey - at least as long as there is no proof for anything. That doesn't say that it's Hylian nor does it say it's not Hylian.
2. English lyrics: It's "servant of the goddess...unite" instead of "servant of the goddess, unite" in the game. Should it be changed?
3. Language of the Skyloft people -> phonetics:
  • Even though there is a sound file, in my opinion there are several reason why also having the phonetics as text:
    • Text can easily be copied, if needed (e.g. in discussions)
    • It's not easy to get the correct text (or phonetics) out of a sound file (maybe also see "mondegreen"). Especially it's not easy for people with bad ears. Extreme case: Deaf people have problems with sounds - but maybe some can still read, speak and understand phonetics.
  • Accuracy: I doubt that there is any proof or any reference that could be added.
  • IPA:
  • Other phonetics:
4. Should songtexts/lyrics in other languages be added?

女神のしもべに 導かれし若人
空と大地を結び 光もたらす
若人 2つの大いなる羽を
道はひらけ 詩の響きを聞く・・・

Rômaji (maybe):

Megami no Uta
Megami no shimobe ni michibiki kareshi wakōdo
Sora to daichi o musubi hikari motarasu
Wakōdo 2tsu no ōinaru hane o
Hikari no tō ni michibiku... kare no mono no maeni
Michi wa hirake uta no hibiki o kiku...


Hymne der Göttin
Ein Jüngling, geleitet von der Göttin, wird Himmel und Erde verbinden und das Licht bringen...
Er wird zwei Flügel zum Turm des Lichts führen...
Ein Weg wird sich öffnen, das Echo des Liedes erschallen...

While it's like "Oh youth, do something" in English, it's like "A youth will do something" in German.
-Bernd (talk) 14:08, 23 February 2014 (UTC)

A third verse

Upon talking to the citizens of skyloft after the goddess statue had fallen, I ran across the head master (zeldas father). He had asked about what is going on. He then intrupts links attempt at trying to explain by saying he knew that this would always happen (the falling of the statue) and begins to resite the last set of lyrics (which is something along the lines of this,) :

'when all the catastrophes are overcome, only then will the goddess return to the land'

I apologize if its alittle off but he only says it once and I had failed to think of writing it down, too late t reset it. I had tried editing the article the other day to insert the last english lyrics but I am a newcomer (the only reason I joined was to see this fixed but Ive been a silent fan for a good while now...) Will someone please add theses last set of lyrics in for me? Thank you!

The thing is, as I explained when I took out the phrase, I'm pretty sure Gaepora says that the ancient texts made mention of the Goddess returning to the Surface, and that it was basically an addendum to the prophecy of the Chosen Hero. I could be wrong, of course (though I unfortunately am unable to check the text dump on my computer for some reason at the moment, so I can't verify it either way right now), but still, I'm fairly certain that the Ballad only has two verses. Setras 04:11, 13 July 2013 (UTC)