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BotW Tali Model.png
Sand-Seal Racing Champion[1]
Race Gerudo
Gender Female

Tali is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Tali is the Gerudo Sand-Seal Racing champion who is coached by Shabonne.[1] She can be found with Shabonne at the Sand-Seal Rally in the Gerudo Desert. Tali never speaks while Link is talking to Shabonne.[3] If Link speaks to Tali, Shabonne apologizes to Link because Tali is not in the mood for autographs.[4] If Link asks what happened, Shabonne explains that the Sand Seal race course is unusable with the Divine Beast Vah Naboris stomping around.[5] If Link asks who Tali is, Shabonne is in disbelief that Link does not know the Sand-Seal Racing champion and says that Tali could demonstrate her skills if it were not for the Divine Beast.[6][7]

When Link returns to the Sand-Seal Rally after calming Naboris, the Sand-Seal Race will be open again.[8] Link can speak to Shabonne or Tali to begin the Shrine Quest, "The Undefeated Champ". Shabonne tells Link that if he can beat Tali's record of 1:30, he can have a trophy.[9] The trophy that Shabonne refers to is the nearby Ancient Orb needed to reveal the Ancient Shrine, which has been passed down by ten thousand years of Sand-Seal Racing champions.[10] Shabonne charges Link 50 Rupees to race against Tali's record.[11]

When Link beats Tali's record, she will finally speak and congratulate Link by presenting him with the grand trophy.[12] Tali explains the legend behind the trophy to Link, which tells that the chosen one will be granted a new power when the trophy is offered unto the pedestal.[13] After encouraging Link to place the orb into the pedestal, the Raqa Zunzo Shrine rises from the ground and the Shrine Quest is completed.[14]


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