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Tah Muhl Shrine

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Tah Muhl Shrine
BotW Tah Muhl Shrine Interior.png
Game(s) Breath of the Wild
Main Item Spirit Orb

The Tah Muhl Shrine, designated by the Trial name Passing the Flame, is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Tah Muhl Shrine is located within a crag in Trilby Valley of the Eldin region, south of the Foothill Stable. The Shrine is involved in the Shrine Quest "A Landscape of a Stable"; its location is clued by a painting that is hung inside the Foothill Stable lodge. Mayro, a man admiring the painting, believes that the Foothill Stable depicted in the painting was painted from the southern direction,[1] where the Shrine is located. The Shrine can be found without initiating the Shrine Quest.

Themes and Navigation

The first room of the Tah Muhl Shrine is a curving passage, with a pair of torches at the end. The walls in the main room are covered in leafy vines, which can be burned away by using the fire from the nearby torches, either by lighting a wooden Weapon or an Arrow. Burning one of the vine patches reveals a small passage into the next room blocked by crates, which are also burned in the process by the vines' fire.

The second chamber contains a barred cell locked by a door. The Monk Tah Muhl sits on an elevated platform opposite to the cell, but is too high to reach. A ramp leading to him is suspended by four stacked crates. As with the previous room, these crates can be burned away using the fire provided by the chamber's two torches, thereby lowering the ramp. Once approached, Tah Muhl will present Link with a Spirit Orb before fading away.

Four Treasure Chests are also found in the Monk's chamber. The first is concealed in an alcove by vines behind a pair of crates to the right of the Monk, and is uncovered by burning them. This Chest contains a Cobble Crusher. The second Chest sits atop three crates in the corner of the room. Burning these crates will also burn the Chest open, revealing an Opal inside.

A third Chest sits on a wooden platform inside the cell, containing a Small Key to the door. The Chest can be burned open by burning the vines on the other side that lead to it, thus dropping the Key which Link can carry over the bars using the Magnesis Rune. The last Chest inside the cell contains a Ruby.


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Passing the Flame



  1. "I think the stable was painted from a southern direction... The composition is just so impressive..." — Mayro (Breath of the Wild)