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There are three available swords in Twilight Princess. The Wooden Sword, the Ordon Sword and the Master Sword.

Wooden Sword

TP Wooden Sword Render.png
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Link receives his default blade from Rusl as a present (although the in-game description suggests that Rusl was simply repairing it). Link keeps this sword until after he rescues Talo. He eventually gives the sword to Talo so he and Colin can get past them to where Ilia is holding Epona. Later on, after Talo and the rest of the Ordon children are captured by King Bulblin and his Bulblins, Wolf Link finds the Wooden Sword shattered on the ground. However, with the extraordinary senses of a wolf, Link is able to detect the children's lingering scent, and track them all the way to Kakariko Village.

Ordon Sword

Ordon Sword.png
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Inlaid with the horns of an Ordon goat and forged by Rusl,[1] this was the sword Link was going to bring to Hyrule to present to the Royal Family before the young hero was attacked and his task was interrupted.

Master Sword

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Located deep within the Faron Woods in the Sacred Grove. The Blade of Evil's Bane is said to have once be held by the Legendary Hero of Time. It is the one relic that allowed Link to break the curse that Zant placed on him. The Master Sword allows Link access to other numerous hidden temples later in the game, including the Temple of Time. During his exploration on the Palace of Twilight, Link finds a way to enhance the sword with light, which can repel dark fog, deliver light to some sacred orbs, and fell beings of Twilight with a single blow.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic FrenchEU Épée de Toal
Federal Republic of Germany German Ordon-Schwert


  1. "Ordon Sword: Rusl crafted this fine sword. It is inlaid with Ordon goat horns. Swing with [B] or sheathe with [A]." — Inventory (Twilight Princess)