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There are five Swords available in The Minish Cap. They are the Smith's Sword, the White Sword, the White Sword (Two Elements), the White Sword (Three Elements) and the Four Sword.

Smith's Sword

TMC Smith's Sword Sprite.png
Main article: Smith's Sword

The Smith's Sword is created by Smith,[1] the finest blacksmith in Hyrule. This Sword is given to Link by King Daltus at the start of his quest. Originally intended for the winner of the sword-fighting competition,[2] a recent change of events has put the Sword in Link's hands.

White Sword

TMC White Sword Sprite.png
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The White Sword is the Picori Blade reforged. When infused with an Element, it will grow in power.

White Sword (Two Elements)

TMC White Sword (Two Elements) Sprite.png

The White Sword (Two Elements) is the White Sword infused with the Earth Element and the Fire Element. It is able to create a copy of Link, by charging up a Spin Attack over glowing, multi-colored tiles and releasing the attack. It will summon a translucent copy that mimics Link's movements, which is used for puzzle-solving in the game.

White Sword (Three Elements)

TMC White Sword (Three Elements) Sprite.png

The White Sword (Three Elements) is created by infusing the White Sword with the Water Element. This blade allows Link to create two copies of himself on glowing tiles.

Four Sword

TMC Four Sword Sprite.png
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The Four Sword is created when the White Sword is infused with all four Elements, turning it into the legendary blade. It is the strongest Sword in the game, and allows Link to create three copies of himself on glowing tiles.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Smith's Sword White Sword White Sword (Two Elements) White Sword (Three Elements) Four Sword
Japan Japanese スミスの剣 (Sumisu no Ken) ホワイトソード (Howaito Sōdo) ホワイトソード(2人分身) (Howaito Sōdo (2-ri bunshin)) ホワイトソード(3人分身) (Howaito Sōdo (3-nin bunshin)) フォーソード (Fō Sōdo)
French Republic FrenchEU Epée de Smith Epée Blanche Epée Blanche (1 double) Epée Blanche (2 doubles) Epée de Quatre
Federal Republic of Germany German Schwert des Alberich Triforce piece.png Weißes Schwert Triforce piece.png Weißes Schwert der Zwei Weißes Schwert der Drei Schwert der Vier Triforce piece.png
Italian Republic Italian Spada Smith Spada Nobile Spada Nobile (divisione in 2) Spada Nobile (divisione in 3) Quadrispada
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Espada Smith Espada blanca Espada blanca (2 elementos) Espada blanca (3 elementos) Espada Cuádruple


See Also

  1. "Then, with the broken Picori Blade and the Smith's Sword in hand, Link set off in search of their land."  (Hyrule Historia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 79)
  2. "This is the blade that will be presented to the winner of the competition. Don't lose it. And while the two of you may be childhood friends, remember...Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. You watch over her. Don't let anything bad happen to her." — Smith (The Minish Cap)