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Swords of The Legend of Zelda

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TLoZ Sword Sprite.png TLoZ White Sword Sprite.png TLoZ Magical Sword Sprite.png There are three available swords in The Legend of Zelda. The Sword, the White Sword and the Magical Sword.


TLoZ Sword Artwork.png
Main article: Sword

The default weapon. It is given to Link by an Old Man inside a Cave. It is the weakest Sword in the game.

White Sword

TLoZ White Sword Artwork.png
Main article: White Sword

The White Sword has double the Sword's power, but Link first needs 5 Heart Containers in order to obtain it.

Magical Sword

TLoZ Magical Sword Artwork.png
Main article: Magical Sword

The Magical Sword is the most powerful of the three Swords that Link can use, doubling the attack power of the White Sword. It is found under a grave in the Graveyard during the First Quest, but Link requires 12 Heart Containers before he can obtain it. During the Second Quest, it is found in the mountains to the north, one screen to the left of where Link gets the White Sword.


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