Swords of Spirit Tracks

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There are two swords available in Spirit Tracks: the Recruit's Sword and the Lokomo Sword.

Recruit's Sword

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PH Oshus's Sword Model.png

The Recruit's Sword is the first sword obtained in the game. It is given to Link by Princess Zelda along with the Recruit Uniform in order to ease their escape from Hyrule Castle. The Recruit's Sword needs to be infused with three Tears of Light to stun Phantoms, allowing Princess Zelda to control their bodies.

Lokomo Sword

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The Lokomo Sword is given to Link by Anjean late in the game. It does not need to be infused with Tears of Light to harm Phantoms, as it already contains enough energy to do it without the tears.

According to Anjean, the sword was previously only used by the Spirits of Good.

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