Swords of Skyward Sword

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There are six swords available in Skyward Sword: the Practice Sword, the Goddess Sword (and its upgrades), which eventually becomes the Master Sword and finally the True Master Sword.

Practice Sword

Main article: Practice Sword

This is the first sword Link obtains in Skyward Sword. Given to him by Eagus, the young hero must use it to complete the training exercises at the Knight Academy's Sparring Hall.

Goddess Sword

Goddess Sword icon
Main article: Goddess Sword

The goddess Hylia created the Goddess Sword and Fi, an intelligent humanoid spirit who resides in the sword, and gave it the purpose of assisting Hylia's chosen hero. She then enshrined the sword inside the Statue of the Goddess before raising it into The Sky as part of Skyloft.

Goddess Longsword

Goddess Longsword icon

Farore's Flame converts it to the Goddess Longsword, which has doubled attacking power and greater reach.

Goddess White Sword

Goddess White Sword icon

Nayru's Flame converts it to the Goddess White Sword, which adds the ability to dowse for Rupees, Treasure, Gratitude Crystals, and Goddess Cubes.

Master Sword

Master Sword icon
Main article: Master Sword

Din's Flame converts it to the Master Sword, with four times the original Goddess Sword's attacking power and a faster charge time for Skyward Strikes.

True Master Sword

True Master Sword icon

The final change to the sword takes place in the past, before Zelda enters into a deep sleep to keep the seal placed upon Demise intact. Her blessing converts it to the True Master Sword, with the familiar Master Sword appearance seen throughout the series: the cross-guard's position extends outward, and the gem and the Triforce symbol are restored. With this final transformation, the sword becomes able to harm and defeat Demise. On Hero Mode, the True Master Sword can activate Skyward Strikes instantaneously.