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Swords of Link's Awakening

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Link can obtain two swords in Link's Awakening.


Link's Awakening - Sword.png

The Sword is a Sword from Link's previous adventures, which has Link's name engraved on it.[1] The Sword washes onto Koholint Island after Link's shipwreck, and his first task after waking up is to reclaim it from amid the wreckage on Toronbo Shores. As it is Link's old Sword, it is likely that it is the Fighter's Sword from A Link to the Past.

Level 2 Sword


The Level 2 Sword is a more powerful weapon obtained from Seashell Mansion after Link finds 20 or more Secret Seashells.[2] When Link is at full health, this Sword can be used to perform a Sword Beam, making it similar to the Master Sword from A Link to the Past. Artwork from the Nintendo Power guide gives the Level 2 Sword an appearance much like the Master Sword, as it has a similar handle and winged guard.


  1. "You found your Sword! It must be yours because it has your name engraved on it!" — N/A (Link's Awakening)
  2. "The game tells you ony that something special will happen when you collect enough Secret Shells. If you take 20 of them to the Seashell Mansion, you'll earn the Level 2 Sword." (Link's Awakening Players Guide (Nintendo Power), pg. 87)
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