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Swords of Ancient Stone Tablets

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There are four Swords available in Ancient Stone Tablets.

LV1 Sword

Main article: Fighter's Sword
Ins Item LV1 Sword.png

The LV1 Sword is the starting Sword in the game, which the Hero of Light obtains inside a chest.

LV2 Sword

Main article: Master Sword
InS Item LV2 Sword.png

The LV2 Sword is acquired by rescuing the missing Dwarven Smith. Once this is accomplished, they will reforge the Hero's sword for free. It can also be rented for 10 minutes from a rental shop.

LV3 Sword

Main article: Tempered Sword
Ins Item LV3 Sword.png

The LV3 Sword is found in a chest in the fifth dungeon. It can also be rented for 10 minutes from a rental shop.

LV4 Sword

Main article: Golden Sword
InS Item LV4 Sword.png

The LV4 Sword is found in the Lost Woods, and is the Master Sword after having been strengthened by Link into the Golden Sword during the events of A Link to the Past.[citation needed] It is the only sword that can shoot Sword Beams and hurt Ganon without using the Whirling Blade Technique. After being obtained, the rental shops do not sell any more upgraded swords.

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