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Swords of A Link to the Past

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There are four Swords available in A Link to the Past. They are the Fighter's Sword,[1] the Master Sword, the Tempered Sword and the Golden Sword. Of these, the Fighter's Sword and the Master Sword at the only two unique swords, the other two are upgrades to the Master Sword.

Fighter's Sword

Main article: Sword
ALttP Fighter's Sword Sprite.png
Sword ALttP.png

The Fighter's Sword is the sword Link's Uncle gives to Link early in the game (together with the Fighter's Shield) as he enters Hyrule Castle, and who teaches Link the Whirling Blade Technique. Link uses this blade during the game until he retrieves the Master Sword. During the ending sequence of the game, Link's Uncle is shown with this sword again.

Master Sword

Main article: Master Sword
ALttP Master Sword Sprite.png
The Master Sword depicted on the title screen of A Link to the Past

Once Link has found all three Pendants of Virtue, he may enter the Lost Woods and retrieve the Master Sword from its pedestal. The Master Sword is required to advance in the game as the Fighter's Sword is incapable of breaking the Lightning Lock Agahnim has placed across Hyrule Castle's entrance. In addition to being twice as strong as the Fighter's Sword and having a longer reach, the Master Sword can also fire a Beam Attack when Link is at full health. The Beam Attack does as much damage as the Fighter's Sword. In the Game Boy Advance remake, the Master Sword, as well as its upgrades, can break signs.

Tempered Sword

Main article: Tempered Sword
ALttP Master Sword Lv2 Sprite.png
Tempered Sword.png

The Tempered Sword is the third sword level, and is an upgrade to the Master Sword. Link can gain access to this sword by reuniting the Dwarven Swordsmiths, one of them being trapped in the Dark World, and asking them to reforge the sword. When they take the sword, Link becomes temporarily swordless, as the reforging takes time. When Link does get the sword back, its blade is red, and does four times the damage of the Fighter's Sword.

Golden Sword

Main article: Golden Sword
ALttP Master Sword Lv3 Sprite.png
ALttP Master Sword Lv3 Artwork.png

If Link throws the Tempered Sword or Master Sword into the Mysterious Pond of the Dark World within the Pyramid of Power, the Fat Fairy will transform it into the Golden Sword, which has a golden blade and green hilt. It is eight times stronger than the Fighter's Sword.


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