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Sweetie and Boyfriend

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Sweetie and Boyfriend
Sweetie.png FSA Man in Garden Sprite.png
Female[1] (Sweetie)
Male[2] (Boyfriend)

Sweetie and her Boyfriend are a young couple in Four Swords Adventures.


Sweetie is a stubborn young woman who was trapped in the Dark World when Iris, a novice magician, tried spells from memory in the hopes of being teleported back to home[3] but instead summoned the house of Sweetie and her Boyfriend along with Sweetie inside.[1] The Links learn that Sweetie and her boyfriend have been fighting and that it is all Sweetie's fault.[2] Sweetie gives the Links a letter for her boyfriend, meant to repair their relationship. If they successfully bring the letter to Sweetie's Boyfriend who is in the Village of the Blue Maiden, the Links will be rewarded with the Roc's Feather, a gift he received from her girlfriend.[4]

When the Links bring Iris her Magic Book back, the novice magician sends the house, along with Sweetie, back to the Light World.[5] Sweetie's Boyfriend will accept her apology and the two will make up.


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