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Super Smash Bros./Link's Moves

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This article or section is under construction.
This article or section is currently under construction.

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This page lists the complete set of moves for Link in Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64.

Attack Type Japanese Name English Translation
Weak Attack 1
Nagiharai Cleave
Weak Attack 2
Kaeshi Counter
Weak Attack 3
Tsuki Stab
Barrage Attack
Gen'ei Tsuki Illusion Stab
Dash Attack
Dasshu Tsuki Dash Stab
Side Attack
Kara-take Wari Bamboo Divide
Up Attack
Hangetsu Kiri Half-Moon Swipe
Down Attack
Kusanagi Grass Cutter
Side Smash Attack
Sumasshu Kiri Smash Cut
Up Smash Attack
Sandangiri Three-stage Cut
Down Smash Attack
Zengo Ashimoto Kiri Around-the-feet Cut
Neutral Air Attack
Rinku Kikku Link Kick
Forward Air Attack
Kaiten Nagiharai Rotating Cleave
Back Air Attack
Nidangeri Two-stage Kick
Up Air Attack
Ue-tsuki Jump Thrust
Down Air Attack
Shitadzuki Down Thrust
Fukkushotto Hookshot
Forward Throw
Keri Tobashi Kick Away
Back Throw
Kōhō Keri Tobashi Back Kick Away
Neutral Special Attack
BÅ«meran Boomerang
Up Special Attack
Kaitengiri Spin Attack
Down Special Attack
Bakudan Bomb