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Super Cucco Game

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Super Cucco Game
Super Cucco Game.jpg
Location(s)Lon Lon Ranch
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
Main PrizeBottle filled with Lon Lon Milk
Cost10 Rupees

The Super Cucco Game is a minigame in Ocarina of Time, and can be played in order to win a bottle full of Lon Lon Milk.

Location and Rules

When Link visits Lon Lon Ranch in child form and talks to Talon inside his house, the minigame can be started. The objective of the game is to find three "Super Cuccos" (the three Cuccos Talon always has close to him) which have been hidden with a group of normal Cuccos.[1]

Although the minigame seems simple, there is no discernible difference between a normal Cucco and a "Super Cucco." Instead of randomly picking up Cuccos, Link can "cheat" by throwing the group of normal Cuccos behind Talon's desk before starting the challenge. Thus, once Talon throws the Super Cuccos, there won't be any regular Cuccos to confuse Link.

Humorously, if Link wins, Talon facetiously asks him if he wants to marry Malon.[2]


  1. "Well how about a little game? These three Cuccos I have here are special Super Cuccos! I'm going to throw these Cuccos into that there gaggle of normal Cuccos. If you can pick out these three special birds from among the normal Cuccos within the time limit, I'll give you something good. If you can't find them, I win." — Talon (Ocarina of Time)
  2. "You've got the talent to be one of the world's best cowboys! How'd you like to marry Malon? Huh? Haw haw! I was just kidding! Just kidding! I think you're a little young for that, aren't you? Haw haw haw!" — Talon (Ocarina of Time)