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Super Bomb

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Super Bomb
Super Bomb LttP.png
Destroying strong cracked walls

Super Bombs are items in A Link to the Past.[1]

Location and Uses

ALttP Super Bomb Sprite.png

The Super Bomb is a red, larger version of the Bomb. It is a special, experimental Bomb developed by the Bomb Shopkeeper.[2] After rescuing the Dwarven Swordsmith and completing the Ice Palace and the Misery Mire, Link can purchase the Super Bomb from the Dark World's Bomb Shop for 100 Rupees.[1] After purchase, instead of holding the Super Bomb in his inventory, Link will carry the Super Bomb with him and it will detonate after 3 seconds wherever he places it. Unlike Bombs, the explosion cannot hurt Link. Link cannot take the Super Bomb over cliff edges and he cannot Dash with it.

The Super Bomb creates a large explosion that can break stronger cracked walls. It is needed in order to break the cracked wall on the second level of the Pyramid of Power, where the Fat Fairy resides. Link can obtain the Golden Sword and Silver Arrows here, the latter of which is needed in order to defeat Ganon.


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