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Submarines are giant floating Barrels in The Wind Waker.

Features and Overview

Submarines can be found floating across the Great Sea, sometimes guarded by Bokoblins on wooden rafts. Once inside, two raised sections on opposite ends of the Submarine can be found, with a ladder leading down to a lower section. Link must defeat various enemies in the lower section to activate a ladder allowing him access to a small room on the other raised section. Although in one Submarine, defeating all enemies makes a Treasure Chest appear in the lower floor instead. The rooms on the other side of the Submarine's entrance contain a Treasure Chest which may contain a Treasure Chart or a Piece of Heart.

There are seven Submarines scattered around the Great Sea. The Submarine Chart, which shows the locations of all Submarines, can be found in the Secret Cave on the Boating Course.


Island Objective Reward
Northern Fairy Island Link must swing across Ropes to reach the other side. Moblins patrol the floor below, although defeating them is optional. Treasure Chart #22
Crescent Moon Island Link must defeat all Miniblins before the ladder drops down. Treasure Chart #9
Flight Control Platform Link must press a Switch that will release Wizzrobes, Green and Red ChuChus, and Miniblins. Once all the Wizzrobes are defeated, a ladder will drop down. Platform Chart
Six-Eye Reef Link must defeat three Moblins before the ladder drops down. Piece of Heart
Bomb Island Link must defeat all Bokoblins before the Treasure Chest appears. This room also contains Rats, although defeating them is optional. Bottle
Headstone Island Link must defeat all Rats carrying Bombs taken from Bomb Flowers before the ladder drops down. Link cannot leave the room until all Rats are defeated. Treasure Chart #14
Five-Star Isles Link must defeat all Bokoblins and Keese before the ladder drops down. Piece of Heart


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