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Main appearance(s)
Damaging Enemies
Destroying Boulders
Cutting Walls of Vine
Grappling onto high ledges
Hitting Switches
Comparable item(s)

Sub-Weapons are Items in Hyrule Warriors.[1]

Location and Uses

Sub-Weapons are a group of Items that the Warriors obtain over different Scenarios. Sub-Weapons include Bombs, the Bow, the Boomerang, the Hookshot, and the Hammer. The Bombs are obtained during "The Armies of Ruin" Scenario after rescuing a Goron Captain from a Lizalfos, to which the Mine Entrance will open.[2] At the bottom of the Mine, a Treasure Chest containing the Bombs can be found.[3] The Bow is obtained during the "The Sorceress of the Woods" Scenario at any time in the bottom left corner of the Faron Woods. The Warriors are required to use the Bow to defeat the Deku Babas.[4] The Boomerang is obtained during "The Sorceress of the Valley" Scenario when the Warriors need to cut down some Wall of Vine.[5] The Boomerang can be found in a Treasure Chest that appears after capturing the "Western Room" Keep.[6] The Hookshot is obtained during "The Shadow King" Scenario when Zant destroys the bridges in the Palace of Twilight, trapping the Warriors inside. The Hookshot appears in a Treasure Chest after capturing the "Upper Level East" Keep.[7] The Hammer is obtained during the "A New Disturbance" Scenario on a small ledge south of the "Bomb Shop" Keep.[8]


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