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TAoL Defeated Link Artwork.png
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Sub-Bosses,(SS | BotW)[1][2] also known as Middle Bosses,(OoT | MM | TP)[3][4][5] Minibosses,(TWW | CoH)[6][7] and Mini-Bosses,(TFH)[8][9] are generally particular enemies harder to defeat that protect an item within a Dungeon.


Sub-Bosses usually protect an item within a Dungeon or other locations. Most of the time, they must be defeated to proceed within a Dungeon or area. A common characteristic that distinguishes a Sub-Boss from a regular enemy is a particular battle theme played during the encounter, which is different from the usual enemy theme. They may return later as common enemies, likely because Link will have new tools and weapons to defeat them more easily. They may come in groups, as in the case of common enemies. If they are fought in a room, the doors usually lock until they are defeated.

List of Sub-Bosses

The Legend of Zelda

TLoZ Patras Artwork.png

Almost every Boss is eventually fought again as a Sub-Boss, as they no longer guard Heart Containers or Triforce fragments in their later appearances.

The Adventure of Link

TAoL Rebonack Artwork.png

Bosses returning as Sub-Bosses:

A Link to the Past

Ball and Chain Trooper

Bosses returning as Sub-Bosses:

Link's Awakening

LADX Grim Creeper Sprite.gif
Grim Creeper and Battle Bat

Ocarina of Time

OoT Big Octo Artwork.png
Big Octo

Majora's Mask

MM Igos du Ikana.png
Igos du Ikana

Oracle of Ages

OoA Smasher Sprite.png

Oracle of Seasons

The Wind Waker

TWW Darknut Artwork.png

Bosses returning as Minibosses:

Four Swords Adventures

Big Dark Stalfos

The Minish Cap

TMC Spiny Chuchu Attacks Sprite.png
Spiny Chuchu

Twilight Princess

TP Ook Render.png

Phantom Hourglass

Massive Eye.png
Massive Eye

Spirit Tracks

ST Geozard Chief Model.png
Geozard Chief

Skyward Sword

LD-002G Scervo

Bosses returning as Sub-Bosses:

A Link Between Worlds

ALBW Armos Model.png

Bosses returning as Sub-Bosses:

Tri Force Heroes

TFH Li'l Hinox Model.png
Hinox Brother