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Stranded on Eventide

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Stranded on Eventide
BotW Eventide Island.png
Eventide Island
Quest Giver ???
Location Eventide Island
Reward Access to the Korgu Chideh Shrine

Stranded on Eventide is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Upon stepping onto the shores of Eventide Island, a voice will speak to Link and present him with a challenge.[1] Link is stripped of his equipment and must complete the Shrine Quest using only the resources on the Island. Link's equipment will be returned to him if he completes the Quest or quits the trial early by leaving the Island. Link cannot warp during the trial and must swim away from the Island to leave. If Link returns to the Island after leaving, he must start the trial over from the beginning.

To complete the Quest, Link must find the three Ancient Orbs located on the Island and place them on their corresponding pedestals. One Ancient Orb is located on top of an enemy camp, another is attached to the necklace of a Hinox on the eastern side of the central jungle and another Orb can be found on Koholit Rock, which has the largest of the enemy camps in close proximity. A pedestal can also be found here under a big slab that must be moved with Stasis. The other two pedestals can be found, respectively, in an enemy camp on the rock formation across from Koholit Rock, and on the northern tip of the island.

Link can use Remote Bombs to defeat weaker enemies and conserve Weapons, and can also make use of the abilities obtained from the Divine Beasts, such as using Urbosa's Fury to inflict high damage to an entire camp of enemies. Link can also find many Treasure Chests hidden throughout the Island that contain various Weapons and Materials.

When all three Orbs have been placed, the Shrine Quest is completed and the voice will once again call out to Link, instructing him to come to the Korgu Chideh Shrine at the highest point on the island to receive his reward.[citation needed] Link's items are then returned to him and any items obtained during the trial disappear.


Stage Description
1 Upon arriving on Eventide Island, a voice spoke of a challenge and then took all of your armor and weapons away.

If you offer precious orbs to each of the three altars on the island, the voice has promised to return your things.
[note 1]
Upon arriving on Eventide Island, a voice spoke of a challenge and then took all of your weapons and armor away.

Not feeling up for the challenge yet, you decided to give up and got all of your equipment back.

However, the trial is still out here, weighing on your mind...
Complete Once you offered precious orbs to each of the three altars on the island, an ancient shrine appeared.

As it did, someone's voice spoke to you, and all of your equipment was returned.


  1. Only triggered if Link leaves Eventide Island without completing the Quest. Upon returning to the Island, the previous stage will be triggered again.


  1. "To you who has traveled to this island... I present you with a challenge. In your travels, you've relied on the equipment you've found along the way. Here, you must cast this equipment aside and face this trial with only your wits and whatever you can scavenge. Offer up the orbs to the three altars on this island. Only then will I acknowledge your skill and return your items." — Korgu Chideh (Breath of the Wild)