Stone Pebblit

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Stone Pebblit
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Stone Pebblits are Enemies in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

142 (147) Stone Pebblit
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A very young Stone Talus. Their bodies toughen as they mature, becoming as tough as boulders by adulthood. As a child, however, their bodies are light enough to be lifted and fragile enough to break when thrown.
Common Locations
Greater Hyrule
Recoverable Materials
Flint Amber Opal

Stone Pebblits are found all over Hyrule Kingdom, though they are mainly located within groups of ordinary Rocks, possibly in an attempt to catch Link off guard. Their appearance changes based on the type of terrain that they hide in. When Link gets close, they will rise out of the ground and move toward him, attempting to swipe at him with one arm. While ordinary Weapons will not work against them, they can easily be defeated by detonating Remote Bombs, or simply picking them up and tossing them away, at which point they will shatter. However, if held for too long, they will explode. This explosion does not deal damage to surrounding enemies, though it can harm Link for a base amount of 16 points of damage.

The Boulder Breaker, Cobble Crushers, Drillshafts, Iron Sledgehammers, Stone Smashers, and strikes from either Ancient Arrows or Bomb Arrows will instantly destroy Stone Pebblits regardless of damage dealt. Stone Pebblits will also instantly die if they are submerged in water. Once killed, each one will drop a single piece of a random Ore or Flint.

Stone Pebblits will slam their arms into Link to attack, dealing 16 base damage.


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