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Status effect

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Status Effect
BotW Spicy Elixir Icon.png
An elixir that grants cold resistance.
Granting Link positive effects

Status Effects is a gameplay mechanic in Breath of the Wild.


Status effects are created when the player wears certain Armor or eats Food with an effect.

Status Effects

Status Effect Maximum Level Description
File:Speed Boost.png
Speed Boost
3 Grants Link faster running and climbing speed.
File:Attack Boost.png
Attack Boost
3 Allows Link to deal more damage with a weapon.
File:Defense Boost.png
Defense Boost
3 Grants Link extra defense and reduces the amount of hearts lost when damaged by an attack, except temperature.
File:Stealth Boost.png
Stealth Boost
3 Reduces the amount of noise Link makes, allowing him to not be noticed as easily.
File:Guardian Resistance.png
Guardian Resistance
3 Reduces damage caused by Guardian lasers and ancient weapons.
File:Swim Speed Up.png
Swim Speed Up
3 Grants Link faster swimming speed.
File:Climb Speed Up.png
Climb Speed Up
3 Grants Link faster climbing speed and reduces stamina lost.
File:Shock Resistance.png
Shock Resistance
3 Reduces electrical damage.
File:Cold Resistance.png
Cold Resistance
2 Reduces damage in colder temperatures and ice attacks.
File:Heat Resistance.png
Heat Resistance
2 Reduces damage in hotter temperatures.
File:Flame Resistance.png
Speed Boost
2 Reduces damage in flaming areas and fire attacks.
File:Lightning Proof.png
Lightning Proof
1 Grants Link no damage when struck by lightning.
File:Sand Speed Up.png
Sand Speed Up
1 Allows Link to walk in sand without getting slowed down.
File:Snow Speed Up.png
Snow Speed Up
1 Allows Link to walk in snow without getting slowed down.