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Stamp Station

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Stamp Station
Stampstation aboda.png
A Stamp Station
Main Appearance(s)

Stamp Stations appear in Spirit Tracks and can be used to stamp the Stamp Book given to Link by Niko in Aboda Village. Some Stamp Stations are hidden, while some are out in the open. They are found in most areas, and are even found inside of Sanctuaries and Temples. Each Stamp Station has its own design.


  • 10 Stamps: Niko will give Link a choice of using the Shield of Antiquity instead of the normal shield, with the ability to switch out at any time.
  • 15 Stamps: Niko will let Link choose if he wants to wear the Engineer's Clothes instead of the Recruit Uniform, with the ability to switch out at any time.
  • 20 Stamps: Niko will teach the Great Spin Attack to Link.


Below is a location of the Stamp Stations, ordered by place appearance unless otherwise noted.

Place Requirements Location Stamp design
Aboda Village
None Northern part of map. West of Alfonzo's house.
Aboda Village Stamp.png
Castle Town
Bombs The bricks must be blown up on top of the staircase to the northeast, then Link must head west across the city walls. It'll be at the northwestern corner.
Castle Town Stamp.png
None Area northeast of village.
Wittletown Village Stamp.png
Forest Sanctuary
None Across the bridge, on the way to Gage's chamber.
Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png
Forest Temple
Whirlwind Inside a mist of poison gas in the first room.
Forest Temple Stamp.png
Anouki Village
None Hidden around the eastern part of the map behind some trees.
Anouki Village Stamp.png
Snow Sanctuary
None On the way to Steem's chamber
Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png
Wellspring Station
Boomerang Link must freeze the water with the boomerang to get across.
Wellspring Station Stamp.png
Snow Temple
Boomerang On Northeastern side of B1 floor, Link must use boomerang on the cold fire to make a bridge across the body of water to the station.
Snow Temple Stamp.png
Trading Post
Bombs On a small island at the northern most point inside the cave filled with Like Likes.
Trading Post Stamp.png
Papuchia Village
Song of Birds, Whip Link must play the Song of Birds where he previously met Carben and they'll take him to a series of islands. The station is on the southwestern island.
Papuchia Village Stamp.png
Ocean Sanctuary
Song of Birds, Whip The Song of Birds must be played in front of Carben's lair and the fowl will take Link straight to the station.
Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png
Ocean Temple
Bombs, Whip Hidden room on 2F. Across a crevice.
Ocean Temple Stamp.png
Goron Village
Whip Western half of Goron Village, northwestern part of map.
Goron Village Stamp.png
Fire Sanctuary
Boomerang All the torches must be lit in the area littered with Fire Babas and the bridge to the station will appear.
Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png
Fire Temple
Bow B1 Floor, Link must navigate the carts in the correct order to reach the station.
Fire Temple Stamp.png
Pirate Hideout
Song of Birds, Whip Link must use the Song of Birds at the entrance and a bird will carry him straight to it.
Pirate Hideout Stamp.png
Sand Sanctuary
Cuccos Once Link has brought five Cuccos to Rael, he must grab one and use it to flutter over to the larger of two islands to the south.
Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png
Sand Temple
Sand Wand Northern part of floor B1, a Gerune must be used to activate a switch and navigate through the room to reach the station.
Sand Temple Stamp.png
Tower of Spirits
None At the very top of the tower. Though Link can reach there upon defeat of Byrne, he can only approach to this stamp anytime after the escape of Chancellor Cole and Malladus through the Demon Train. In practice, it can be collected after the Sand Temple is beaten.
Tower of Spirits Stamp.png


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Stamp Stand
Canada FrenchCA Monument à étampes
French Republic FrenchEU Monument à Tampon
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Insignias repartidas por todo el reino Stamps distributed across the entire kingdom