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Stamp Book

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Stamp Book
Stamp Book.png
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The Stamp Book is an item in Spirit Tracks.[1] It is given to Link by Niko to help him collect stamps from many Stamp Stations found across Hyrule. It can be received after taking Alfonzo back to Aboda Village. Niko reveals to Link that he wished he had this book when he was traveling around the world, as he'd often try to find the stamps, but had nothing to put them in.


As Link collects stamps from the various train stations, he can return to Aboda Village and speak to Niko to receive various rewards depending on the number of stamps the young hero has. The rewards are as follows:

  • 10 Stamps gives Link the Shield of Antiquity, which is actually the same Wooden Shield used by the Link from Phantom Hourglass, as indicated by the lobster design on the shield. Functionally, this shield is used in the exact same manner as a regular shield; however, this shield cannot be consumed by Like Likes. Link can switch the regular shield and the Shield of Antiquity by returning to Niko's house and tapping the shield in the righthand side of the room.
  • 15 Stamps awards Link the Engineer's Clothes, the same set of clothes he had at the prologue of the game. The outfit is merely a palette swap, and does not alter Link's abilities. It is only there should the player want to. By talking to Niko, the player can change between the Engineer's Clothes and the Recruit Uniform should they want to change costumes.
  • Finally, 20 Stamps unlocks the Great Spin Attack to Link. It is activated by performing three consecutive spin attacks. When performing the third one, Link will spin wildly, similar to the Hurricane Spin, and can hit multiple opponents in a short amount of time. However, after the attack has finished, Link will be dazed, and vulnerable to attacks.


Each stamp is labeled in New Hylian Syllabary. Most of these labels are simply the location's name.



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