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Stamp Book

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Stamp Book
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The Stamp Book is an item in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

The Stamp Book is given to Link by Niko after taking Alfonzo back to Aboda Village. Niko wants Link to help him collect Stamps from the 20 Stamp Stations scattered across New Hyrule.[2] Niko reveals to Link that he wished he had it when he was traveling around the world, as he often found Stamps, but had nothing to put them in.[3]

Whenever Link finds a Stamp Station, he can use it to mark the location's Stamp on one of the remaining blank pages in the Stamp Book. The date on which the Stamp was collected, according to the Nintendo DS internal clock, is also recorded on the page. Link can view the entire Stamp Book at any time through the Inventory menu.


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