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BotW Stalhorse Model.png
Other media
Era(s)Era of the Wilds

Stalhorses are Creatures in Breath of the Wild.[1] They go unnamed in Cadence of Hyrule.


Hyrule Compendium Entry

005 (005) Stalhorse
BotW Hyrule Compendium Stalhorse.png
This skeletal horse is ridden by monsters. It was once a regular horse, but Ganon's power revived it from death. It cannot maintain its bone structure in the daytime.
Common Locations
Hebra Mountains
Akkala Highlands
Recoverable Materials

A Stalhorse is an undead skeletal Horse reanimated by Ganon's magic.[2] However, Stalhorses behave and function like regular Horses and pose no threat to Link. They only appear at night, as they cannot maintain their bone structure during the day.[2] If a Stalhorse is in Link's presence as the sun rises, he will witness the Stalhorse fall to pieces and disappear. They are usually encountered with Stalkoblins or Bokoblins riding on their backs. Due to a lack of stomach, Stalhorses will not eat Carrots or Apples and they cannot be registered at a Stable. If Link tries to register a one at a Stable, the Stable owner will call it a monster and refuse to board it, as it might eat the other Horses.[3] Wearing the full Radiant Set causes Stalhorses to run at high speeds when ridden.

Stalhorses serve a role in the "Stalhorse: Pictured!" Side Quest. If Juannelle is spoken to at Snowfield Stable, she will state that she has heard there is a Stalhorse is in the area, but it is too cold for her to search for it.[4] Juannelle will offer to give Link a reward if he brings her some notes or a picture of the Stalhorse.[5] Based on the rumor, she advises Link to try and find a Stalhorse, along with its Stalkoblin rider in the North Tabantha Snowfield,[6] but states that a picture of a Stalhorse from any location would work. If a Picture of the Stalhorse is shown to Juannelle, she will be startled by its appearance, saying that it looks like a monster. She then rewards Link with a Silver Rupee and the Side Quest is complete.[7]

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

While unnamed in-game, they serve as the mounts for Stalfos Riders.[8] In addition, Yellow and Black variants make their debut.

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