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Stal Skull

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Stal Skull
ST Stalfos Skull Model.png
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Main appearance(s)
Spirit Tracks
Trading for Train Cars
Tri Force Heroes
Making Outfits[1]

Stal Skulls,(TFH)[1] also known as Stalfos Skulls,(ST)[1] are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Spirit Tracks

Stalfos Skulls are a common item of Treasure. They can be found inside Jars, Treasure Chests, or under piles of leaves. They are also occasionally dropped by Stalfos and Stalfos Warriors upon defeat. Like most Treasures, Link can also buy them from certain Shops, or win them with a Prize Postcard.

Link can sell Stalfos Skulls for 50 Rupees each, or trade them with Linebeck III in exchange for Train Car. Stalfos Skulls are included in the cost of the Wooden Cannon, the Skull Engine, the Skull Cannon, the Skull Passenger Car, the Skull Freight Car, and the Garden Freight Car.

Tri Force Heroes

Stal Skulls are silver-quality Materials found in the various Levels of The Dunes, purchased from the Street Merchant, or won from Daily Riches. They can be given to Madame Couture as part of the cost to make the Dunewalker Duds and Ninja Gi Outfits.[1]


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