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TWW Squid-Hunt.png
Location(s)Windfall Island
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Main PrizePiece of Heart
Treasure Chart 7
Treasure Chart 23
Cost10 Rupees

Squid-Hunt is a minigame in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Rules

The Squid-Hunt minigame is found inside the lighthouse on Windfall Island and is run by Salvatore. During the game, Link must find and destroy three randomly hidden squids in the 8Γ—8 grid with only 24 cannonballs.[2][3] The squids are two, three, and four squares in length and only reveal their locations upon bombing the squares in which they are hidden.[4]

The first time Link finds all three squids, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[5] A second victory yields Treasure Chart 7.[6] Every subsequent victory provides a Purple Rupee.[7] If Link can locate all three squids using 20 shots or less, he will also be rewarded with Treasure Chart 23.[8] After Link has obtained both Treasure Charts, he will receive an Orange Rupee every time he beats his personal record.


  • Several Yellow Rupees can be found behind the ship seen in the background of the grid.


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