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Spryte (Kiss'n Tell).png
Spryte as seen in "Kiss'n Tell"
Fairy Princess[1]
Other appearance(s)
Voice actor(s)
Paulina Gillis

Spryte is a character in The Legend of Zelda TV series. A small fairy with a pink dress, she lives in North Castle and is friends with Link and Princess Zelda. In the episode of "Kiss'n Tell", it is revealed that Spryte is the princess of Fairies, with her dad being King Oberon, the fairy king.[1]


Spryte is portrayed as an eccentric, blunt, smart-mouthed fairy who is not afraid to voice her opinions.[2][3] Working as an assistant to Princess Zelda and King Harkinian, she often helps out with the chores around the castle.[4][5] Spryte also has an obvious crush on Link, as she is sometimes seen flirting with him and telling him to forget about Zelda so that the young hero will stick with her instead.[3][6][7] However, Spryte's attempts are in vain, as Link usually disregards her comments and only thinks of her as a friend. As such, her jealousy causes for her to use her magic to disrupt Link and Zelda whenever the young hero is close to kissing the princess.[8]

Despite her size, Spryte proves to be of invaluable help to Link and Zelda whenever trouble arises. In "Stinging a Stinger", when Link's Crissword gets stolen, Spryte helps the group decipher the Triforce of Wisdom's riddle.[9] Moreover, in "Kiss'n Tell", Spryte helps Link find the Witch of Walls and later kisses the young hero to make him become human again.[10]


  • Spryte seems to be modeled after the fairies that appear in the original The Legend of Zelda.
  • According to the overworld map included with the first issue of Valiant's The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics, Spryte was the fairy residing in Hyrule's eastern spring from the first game.
  • Spryte could be considered Link's first fairy companion in the Legend of Zelda franchise.


Spryte's name is a variation of the word sprite, which means "elf" or "fairy". In computer graphics, a sprite is "a two dimensional bitmap that is intergraded into a larger scene, which is usually pixelated". Sprite is also a term for "a faint flash, usually red, shown in the upper part of the atmosphere over a thunderstorm".



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