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Spirit Tracks Translations/Locations

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
North America Europe
Forest Realm.png 森の大地 (Mori no Daichi) Forest Realm Forest Land Contrée Sylvestre (France)
Contrée de la forêt (Canada)
Waldland Región de los Bosques (Latin America) Paese delle Fronde
Snow Realm.png 雪の大地 (Yuki no Daichi) Snow Realm Snow Land Contrée des Neiges Schneetal Región de las Nieves Paese delle Nevi
Ocean Realm-Sand Realm.png 海の大地 (Umi no Daichi) Ocean Realm Ocean Land Contrée marine (France)
Contrée des mers (Canada)
Meeresküste Región de los Mares (Latin America) Paese dei Flutti
Fire Realm-Sand Realm.png 火の大地 (Hi no Daichi) Fire Realm Fire Land Contrée du feu (France) Feuerhöhe Región del Fuego Paese delle Fiamme
Sand Realm.png Sand Realm Contrée des sables (France) Sandboden Región de las Arenas Paese delle Dune
Dark Realm Map.png 闇の世界 (Yami no Sekai) Dark Realm Monde des Ténèbres Welt der Finsternis Mundo de las Tinieblas Regno dell'Oscurità

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
North America Europe
Aboda Village Stamp.png
モヨリ村 (Moyori Mura) Aboda Village Outset Village Village Prokis (France)
Village du Bercail (Canada)
Prologia Aldea Nostra Villaggio Partivicino
Castle Town Stamp.png
ハイラル城下町 (Hairaru Jōkamachi)
Castle Town
Citadelle d'Hyrule Hyrule-Stadt Ciudadela de Hyrule Borge del Castello
Wittletown Village Stamp.png
サクーヨの村 (Sakūyo no Mura) Whittleton Mayscore La Foresteraie Aldea Floral Villaggio Floriglorioso
Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png
森の叢祠 (Mori no Hokora) Forest Sanctuary Woodland Sanctuary Sanctuaire de la forêt Waldschrein Altar de los Bosques (Latin America)
Forest Temple Stamp.png
森の神殿 (Mori no Shinden) Forest Temple Wooded Temple Temple de la Forêt Waldtempel Templo del Bosque (Spain)
Templo de los Bosques (Latin America)
Santuario della foresta
Anouki Village Stamp.png
ユキワロシの村 (Yukiwaroshi no Mura)
Anouki Village
Village Skimo (France)
Village Anouki (Canada)
Aldea Niveosita
Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png
雪の叢祠 (Yuki no Hokora) Snow Sanctuary Snowfall Sanctuary Sanctuaire des neiges Schneeschrein Altar de las Nieves
Wellspring Station Stamp.png
泉のほとりの駅 (Izumi no Hotori no Eki) Wellspring Station Icy Spring Gare du bord du lac (Canada) Lago Hiéloston (Latin America)
Snow Temple Stamp.png
雪の神殿 (Yuki no Shinden) Snow Temple Blizzard Temple Temple des neiges Templo de las Nieves
職人の家 (Shokunin no Ie)
Bridge Worker's Home
Ateiler de Tomar (France)
Ateiler de Latraverse (Canada)
Casa de Pontón
氷の隠れ駅 (Kōri no Kakure Eki)
Slippery Station
Gare cachée des glaces Túnel oculto de las Nieves
Trading Post Stamp.png
橋のたもとの駅 (Hashi no Tamoto no Eki)
Trading Post
Gare du pont Banhof an der Brücke Puentebajo
Papuchia Village Stamp.png
パプチアの村 (Papuchia no Mura) Papuchia Village Papuzia Village Village de Papousia Papuzia Canalias (Spain)
Aldea Papuchia (Latin America)
Villaggio Papuzia
Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png
海の叢祠 (Umi no Hokora) Ocean Sanctuary Island Sanctuary Sanctuaire des mers (Canada) Meeresschrein Altar de los Mares (Latin America)
Ocean Temple Stamp.png
海の神殿 (Umi no Shinden) Ocean Temple Marine Temple Temple Marin (France)
Temple des Mers (Canada)
Templo de los Mares
Goron Village Stamp.png
ゴロンの村 (Goron no Mura)
Goron Village
Village Goron Goronendorf Aldea Goron
Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png
火の叢祠 (Hi no Hokora) Fire Sanctuary Valley Sanctuary Sanctuaire du feu Feuerschrein Altar del Fuego
Fire Temple Stamp.png
火の神殿 (Hi no Shinden) Fire Temple Mountain Temple Temple du Feu Feuertempel Templo del Fuego
Pirate Hideout Stamp.png
海賊のアジト (Kaizoku no Ajito)
Pirate Hideout
Repaire des pirates (Canada) Guarida de los Piratas (Latin America)
Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png
砂の叢祠 (Suna no Hokora) Sand Sanctuary Dune Sanctuary Sanctuaire des Sables (France) Sandschrein Altar de las Arenas (Latin America)
Sand Temple Stamp.png
砂の神殿 (Suna no Shinden) Sand Temple Desert Temple Temple des Sables Templo de las Arenas (Latin America)
Tower of Spirits Stamp.png
神の塔 (Kami no Tou)
Tower of Spirits
Tour des Dieux (France)
Tour des Esprits (Canada)
Turm der Götter Torre de los Dioses (Spain)
Torre de las Almas

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Anouki General Store.png
Anouki General Store (USA)
Snowfall Supermarket (Europe)
Boutique Anouki (Canada)
Boutique Skimo (France)
Anouki-Laden Unnamed
Beedle's Air Shop.png
Beedle's Air Shop Boutique de Beedle Terris Laden Tienda de Beedle
Castle Town Shop ST.png
Castle Town Shop Boutique de la Citadelle La Tienda de la Ciudadela
Goron Country Store.png
Goron Country Store Bazar Goron Goronenladen Tienda Goron
Linebeck iii.png
Linebeck Trading Company Linebeck et associés

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Tower of Spirits Altar.png
Altar of the Demon King
Altar of the Mountain Goddess.png
Altar of the Mountain Goddess
ST Forgotten Tunnels Location.png
The Twisted Tunnels Der wandernde Tunnel El túnel errante
The Impenetrable Temple Der Eingang zum Tempel El templo inexpugnable
Tunnel to the Tower Grotte de la tour Weg zum Turm Cueva hacia la Torre

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