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Spirit Tracks Translations/Characters

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual in that language.


Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
ST Link Artwork.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link Link Link Link
ST Zelda.png ゼルダ姫 (Zeruda hime) Princess Zelda Princesse Zelda Prinzessin Zelda Princesa Zelda Principessa Zelda
キマロキ大臣 (Kimaroki daijin) Chancellor Cole Ministre Cambouis Minister Von Glaiss Ministro Makivelo Ministro Mirona
Malladus (Spirit).png
マラドー (Maradō) Malladus Mallard (France)
Mallabuth (Canada)
Marardo Mallard (Spain)
Malhadus (Latin America)

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Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
ST Niko Artwork.png ニコ (Niko) Niko Nico Niko Nico Nico
ST Link and Alfonzo Artwork.png シロクニ (Shirokuni) Alfonzo Gasto (France)
Alfonzo (Canada)
Ferro Bigboy (Spain)
Alfonso (Latin America)
ST Byrne Artwork.png ディーゴ (Dīgo) Byrne (USA)
Staven (Europe)
Traucmahr (France)
Fraisil (Canada)
Delok Táligo (Spain)
Diego (Latin America)
Demon King Train.png 魔列車 (Ma Ressha) Demon Train Train Démon (France)
Train Diabolique (Canada)
Dämonenlok Tren Diabólico

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
ST Anjean Artwork.png
シャリン (Sharin) Anjean Dame Bicelle (France)
Axelle (Canada)
Shiene Radiel Doruotea
Gage official art.png
バルブ (Barubu) Gage Spap (France)
Domus (Canada)
Ventilo Maestro Valvio Valvulus
Steem ST.png
スチム (Suchimu) Steem Papsou Turbin Váporo Vaporius
Carben ST.png
センリン (Senrin) Carben Pysto Spul Maestro Bobin Rotaius
Embrose ST.png
ボイラ (Boira) Embrose Bouyer (France)
Chodius (Canada)
Kessel Calderón de la Vía Caldarius
Rael ST.png
テンダ (Tenda) Rael Tendor Tender Maestro Ejelio Tenderius

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Other Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
テリー (Terī) Beedle Beedle (Canada)
Terry (France)
Terri Beedle (Latin America)
Terry (Spain)
ST BridgeWorker.png
Kenzo Latraverse (France) Malleus Pontón Pontaldo
ST RabbitlandRescueMan.png
Bunnio Hasko Lepronio
ゴロン長老 (Goron Chourou) Goron Elder Le Doyen Dorfältester Gorojefe Goron Anziano
コゴロン (Kogoron) Goron Child Tigoron Goronenkind
Guard Captain Russell.png
Russell Capitaine Samson (Canada)
Capitaine Russell (France)
Kommandant Richard Capitán Russell Capitano Russell
ST CastleGuard.png
見張りの兵 (Mihari no Hei) Guard Garde Wache Guardia Guardia
カギモリ (Kagimori) Kagoron Gardeclef Kagoron Maestro Llavero
ラインバック(3世) (Rainbakku(III)) Linebeck III Linebeck Linebeck Linebeck
ポストマン (Posutoman) Postman Postier Postbote
ST YoungGuard.png
Recruit Recrue Rekrut Aprendiz Recluta
Spirit of Healing Fée guérisseuse Fee der Rettung Hada curativa
Teacher 2.png
ジイ (Jii) Teacher Professeur(Canada)
James (France)
Albert Profesor (Latin America)
Abuelo (Spain)
Whittleton Chief Render.png
Dovok Chef du village Bürgermeister Jefe de la Aldea Floral

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Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Bulu Bulu Norman Normalio
Honcho Chef Anouki Chef Jefe de los Niveositas
Noko Render.png
Noko Noko Ohngwei Acorno
Kofu Render.png
Kofu Kofu (Canada)
Boistacho (France)
Weibart Cornacho
Yefu Render.png
(Agent Yellow) Triforce piece.png
Yéfu Bartholomäus
(Agent Gelb)
Yeko Render.png
Yeko Yéko Gelwei Astarillo

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