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Spirit Temple

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Spirit Temple
Spirit Temple.jpg
The temple's first room
Location(s) Desert Colossus
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Main Item Silver GauntletsTriforce piece.png
Mirror ShieldTriforce piece.png
Gold Skulltula ×5
Mini-boss(es) Iron Knuckle
Boss(es) Sorceress Sisters Twinrova (Koume & Kotake)
Quest Reward(s)Spirit Medallion
Heart Container

The Spirit Temple is a dungeon in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Entrance to the Temple

Official artwork of the temple's entrance

Location and Overview

Placed inside the Goddess of Sand, the temple is located in the westernmost area of the Desert Colossus in the Haunted Wasteland. It lies past the Gerudo Fortress. Constructed by the ancient ancestors of the Gerudo,[2] it served as Nabooru's headquarters until Ganondorf rose to power,[3][4] becoming a base of operations for the King of Thieves and his surrogate mothers.[5] It is the only place in the game where Link encounters Anubis and White Bubbles.

Unlike the other dungeons of the game, the Spirit Temple has two portions, each requiring a different age of Link. The Spirit Temple carries a theme of the relation between past and future, and the statues in the temple's entrance tell poems relating to such.

Entrance Procedure

As an adult, Link finds the temple after following a ghost that guides him across the desert. However, when he enters the temple for the first time, he cannot make any progress due to the obstacles in front of him being beyond his tools. The west route can only be accessed through a hole too small for Adult Link, and the east route is blocked by a block too big for him. After exiting the temple, he finds Sheik and learns the Requiem of Spirit, which allows him to return to the area anytime regardless of his age. The young hero then goes to the Temple of Time and travels back to the past, and plays the new tune to start exploring the temple's western route as a child.

Only after finding the proper tool can Link return to the Spirit Temple as Adult Link and explore it in the future.

Themes and Navigation

Spirit Temple as a Child

As a child, Link explores the western wing of the temple through a crawl space. This is the only time in this age that he encounters Nabooru, who asks him to fetch her the Silver Gauntlets. The puzzles mirror those seen in the first three dungeons (Child Link's period): In one room, a switch behind a fence must be pressed with the boomerang, another switch must be held with a statue, torches must be lit with a Deku Stick, etc.

Upon defeating an Iron Knuckle and finding the Silver Gauntlets, Link has his final meeting with Kaepora Gaebora and witnesses Koume and Kotake abduct Nabooru.

Spirit Temple as an Adult

The adult portion of the temple is not accessible until after Link obtains the Silver Gauntlets. While wearing these, Link is able to explore the eastern wing of the temple as an adult by moving Marble Blocks. Now having a larger repertoire of items, he must solve several puzzles involving light until he ultimately finds the Mirror Shield behind an Iron Knuckle. With said shield acquired, Link's next objective is to find the Boss Key in order to access the whereabouts of Koume and Kotake.

Before battling the bosses, Link must first battle a third Iron Knuckle, who is revealed to be a brainwashed Nabooru. Koume and Kotake abduct her a second time and Link gives chase to the boss room.

After defeating Twinrova, it is revealed that Nabooru is the Sage of Spirit, and she gives Link the Spirit Medallion to aid him in his quest.

Master Quest

In the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time, there are Wallmasters in several rooms of the dungeon. Some enemies, like Beamos, Red Bubbles and Stalfos are found in greater numbers, but there is only one Anubis now. There are more Silver Rupee puzzles, and there is a room with a spinning platform where a Stalfos is fought. Bombchus are used several times in the first half of the dungeon and, just like other Master Quest dungeons, Din's Fire and the Song of Time are also used. Instead of Lizalfos, Dinolfos are fought, and instead of White Bubbles, giant Green Bubbles are found. Armos are no longer found in the dungeon. It is generally thought that the Scarecrow's Song is required to progress, but there is a torch that can be hit with the Hookshot as well, although the red marker will not appear on it. It is also necessary to go through the first half of the dungeon backwards as an adult to make a chest with a Small Key appear; the key can only be collected as a child. There is a black Iron Knuckle in a room with two Gold Skulltulas; some stone thrones must be broken to collect them. New enemies include a Like Like, Fire Keese, several Gibdos, Leevers, the previously mentioned Dinolfos, and even a Club Moblin. The latter is found in an optional room where five of the non-warp songs (all but Saria's Song) must be played, with some clues telling which one to play (Time Block for Song of Time, a sun for Sun's Song, even a Lon Lon Ranch crate for Epona's Song), which in turn unlocks access to a Skulltula-filled room with a single Gold Skulltula.

Minor Enemies and Traps


The Winged Sun symbol
  • The center points on the Desert Colossus statue's nipples inside the Spirit Temple are Longshot targets. This is likely a joke among the developers.
  • Both this dungeon and the Forest Temple feature the highest number of mini-boss battles in the game: three in total. However, all three battles in the Spirit Temple are against Iron Knuckles, whereas the first two battles in the Forest Temple are against Stalfos and the third fight is against the last Poe Sister, Meg.
  • The Spirit Temple, though generally considered the denouement to Ganon's Castle, can be completed before the Shadow Temple. In fact, the Spirit Medallion comes before the Shadow Medallion on the Quest Status subscreen as well as the file select screen, as well as the Requiem of Spirit being before the Nocturne of Shadow, implying that the Spirit Temple was meant to be completed before the Shadow Temple. However Navi's prompt to head to the desert only begins to occur after completing the Shadow Temple. This could mean that the Shadow Temple was indeed the final temple until late into development.
  • This is the only dungeon in the game with two major items to be obtained: the Silver Gauntlets and the Mirror Shield. Technically, though, both major dungeon items are found in the Desert Colossus, just outside the temple. Through glitches, both items can be obtained without even entering the temple. In Ocarina of Time 3D, however, the two Treasure Chests containing said items only appear when Link reaches the platforms they are on, which was made to prevent this trick.
  • The climax cinematic of the Spirit Temple is notably present in the opening cinematic in the game, before Start is pressed.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 魂の神殿 (TamashÄ« no Shinden) Spirit Temple
French-speaking countries French Temple de l'Esprit Temple of the Spirit
Canada FrenchCA Temple de l'esprit (OoT3D) Temple of the Spirit
Federal Republic of Germany German Geistertempel Spirit Temple
Italian Republic Italian Santuario dello Spirito Sanctuary of Spirit
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Templo del Espíritu (OoT3D) Temple of the Spirit



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  5. ↑ "Ganondorf and his minions are using the Spirit Temple as a hideout." — Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)
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