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Spirit Flute

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Spirit Flute
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Restoring the Spirit Tracks
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The Spirit Flute,[1] also known as the Spirit Pipes,[2] is an item resembling a Pan Flute found in Spirit Tracks, and the instrument Link uses in the game to play music. It is one of the sacred instruments of the Lokomos, which originally belonged to Anjean before she entrusted it to Tetra.[3]

History and Location

It is stated by Anjean she entrusted the Spirit Flute to Tetra long ago when the feisty pirate captain first arrived on the shores of the land.[4] Tetra promised that she and her descendants would use the Spirit Flute to protect the land, as she was the heir to the ancient royal line of Hyrule that would come to rule over the land.[3] For many years, Tetra and Anjean carried on a close friendship, and Tetra would often play the Spirit Flute for her granddaughter, the reigning Princess Zelda at the time of Spirit Tracks, when she felt troubled or worried.[5] Upon meeting the reigning Princess Zelda, Anjean notes the many similarities between the princess and her grandmother, as well as instructing she and Link to keep the Spirit Flute with them as it will aid them in restoring the Spirit Tracks.[6]


Playing the Spirit Flute

The range of the Spirit Flute

To play the Spirit Flute, the touch screen of the Nintendo DS must be tapped to slide the instrument over so that the desired note is in the middle of the screen. Afterward, air must be blown into the microphone to play the note.

The Spirit Flute consists of six pipes in the Dorian B scale, omitting the second pitch (C): B, D, E, F#, G#, A.


Link can learn a total of five songs, all of which are taught by Air Stones scattered throughout the various villages and sanctuaries in Hyrule. All of the following songs are recorded in Link's inventory, with the exception of the Lokomo Songs, which only function when the young hero is playing along with another Lokomo.

Lokomo Duets

Throughout Link's quest, he will find members of the Lokomo tribe who will teach him a special melody known as a Lokomo Duet that he can play on the Spirit Flute. Playing the song along with the Lokomo member and his sacred instrument energizes the Rail Map, which in turn restores portions of the Spirit Tracks leading from the sanctuaries to the temples.[7][8]


  • In the European version of Spirit Tracks, the Song of Healing is mistakenly called the Song of Recovery once played.
  • Of the five songs that can be learned, only three are needed to clear the game. These are the Song of Discovery, Song of Light and Song of Birds.
  • Each color of the Spirit Flute corresponds to a Lokomo: Green, White, Blue, Red and Yellow for the Lokomos in each realm, and Purple for Anjean. These colors also correspond to the realms in order - Green (Forest), White (Snow), Blue (Ocean), Red (Fire), Yellow (Sand), and Purple (Dark). Another correspondence is to the sacred maidens in Four Swords Adventures.
  • When Link plays the Spirit Flute while near Phantom Zelda (any random notes will work), she will say: "That's a nice song."[9] During the battle against Byrne, if any song is played, he will pause briefly, close his eyes, and say, "That sound...".


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRSpirit Pipes[10] 
CanadaFrenchCAFlûte de la TerreEarth Flute
FranceFrenchEUFlûte de la Terre[11]Earth Flute
PortugalPortugueseEUFlauta Sagrada[12] 
RussiaRussianSpirit Pipes[13] 
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