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Spacetime Gate

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Spacetime Gate
ST Spacetime Gate.png
Use(s) Warping

Spacetime Gates are objects in Spirit Tracks.[1][note 1]

Location and Uses

Spacetime Gates can be used to warp from one place in Hyrule to another.[3] There are two types of Gates: one with a triangle on top and one without it.[4] Blasting a triangle with the Cannon will active that Gate.[5] In order for the Spirit Train to warp through a Gate, Link must use the Whistle to open the portal. A total of 16 Spacetime Gates can be found throughout Hyrule.

Gate A Gate B
North of Whittleton* South of Anouki Village
Northwest of Aboda Village North of Goron Village*
Southeast of Whittleton* East of the Pirate Hideout
Southeast of Aboda Village Northeast of the Bridge Worker's Home*
East of Anouki Village East of the Ocean Sanctuary*
North of Wellspring Station Southeast of the Dark Ore Mine*
East of entrance to the underwater Spirit Tracks South of the Goron Target Range*
East of the Sand Temple Southwest of the Sand Sanctuary*
* Requires activation with the Cannon



  1. Spacetime Gates are refered to as "Warp Gates" in the game's official guide by Prima Games.[2] However, as the object's name was officially stated as Spacetime Gate in Encyclopedia,[1] the name "Warp Gate" is not considered Canon.


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