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Southern Swamp

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Southern Swamp
MM3D Southern Swamp.png
The Southern Swamp in Majora's Mask 3D
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Southern Swamp is a location in Majora's Mask.[note 1] It is home to the Deku Scrubs and is ruled by a fierce Deku King who resides in the Deku Palace. When Link first enters Southern Swamp, the water is poisoned due to the curse of the Woodfall Temple.

There is a second entrance leading into the Swamp that is accessible through a river in Ikana Canyon.

Features and Overview

Swamp Tourist Center

Main article: Swamp Tourist Center

The Swamp Tourist Center, which is located right at the center of the Southern Swamp, holds a special Boat Cruise; however, since Koume, the person in charge, has gone missing, the cruise is on hold. When Link rescues the old lady from the woods, the Boat Cruise will be running again, and Link can take it to reach the Deku Palace. It is open on all hours.

Magic Hags' Potion Shop

Main article: Magic Hags' Potion Shop

The sorceress sisters Koume and Kotake operate the Magic Hags' Potion Shop, which is located between the entrance to Southern Swamp and the Woods of Mystery. It is open from 6 AM to 6 PM.[2] Link must visit the Potion Shop and report to Kotake that her sister is injured in the Woods of Mystery, to which Kotake will give him a Bottle with Red Potion so that he can take it to Koume and heal her.

Woods of Mystery

Main article: Woods of Mystery

Past the Magic Hags' Potion Shop is the Woods of Mystery, a maze-like area where Koume is injured due to an attack by the Skull Kid.[3] Link must travel to the Woods of Mystery and give Koume a Red Potion to revitalize her, who will in turn offer Link a free boat cruise ride to the Deku Palace.[4]

Swamp Spider House

Main article: Swamp Spider House

Located in one of the areas of Southern Swamp is the Swamp Spider House. Link must collect all thirty Gold Skulltula Tokens here to lift the curse from the Cursed Rich Man and to receive the Mask of Truth.

Deku Palace

Main article: Deku Palace

Deku Palace is situated deep within the Southern Swamp and is where the entire Deku Royal Family can be found. Link will only be granted entry as Deku Link,[5] and even then is only authorized to enter the hall and Royal Chamber.[6] The gardens are heavily patrolled by Deku guards, and will kick Link out of the palace if they catch him, even as a Deku.


Main article: Woodfall

Woodfall is a murky bog that is home to the submerged Woodfall Temple. Its poisonous waters make it difficult for Link to get around the area; he must carefully walk on top of the planks and use the Deku Flower of defeated Deku Scrubs in order to reach a raised altar where playing the "Sonata of Awakening" will raise the forgotten temple from beneath the water.

Pieces of Heart

  • There is a Piece of Heart found in the gardens on the left side of the hall leading to the inner throne room of the Deku Palace. There are multiple ways to go about attaining it. The most difficult method is through sneaking past the guards and getting to the end unseen; this is easier to do at night, during which their range of vision is represented by a series of dots. Link can also drop into the area from above to obtain it en route to the Monkey's cage. Alternatively, defeating Odolwa permits full access to the palace; thus, the guards will not throw Link out.
  • On top of the Swamp Tourist Center is a Piece of Heart, which can be accessed by presenting the Business Scrub with the Clock Town Title Deed and using the Deku Flower to reach the roof.
  • Give the Deku King's Pictograph to the Swamp Tourist Center Guide, which can only be taken while as Deku Link. The guide will then give Link a Piece of Heart. This Piece of Heart can also be obtained by presenting a Pictograph of Tingle, at which point the Swamp Tourist Center Guide will reveal, embarrassed, that Tingle is his son.[7] Do either of these after the Heart Piece has been obtained and the man will give Link 100 Rupees.
  • In Woodfall, there is a gold-rimmed treasure chest on one of the platforms. Fly to it as Deku Link to find a Piece of Heart. This is easier once the Woodfall Temple has been cleared, as the water is no longer poisoned and there are no enemies present.
  • After clearing Woodfall Temple, Koume opens up a mini-game in which she flies around the swamp holding a target. Shoot the target twenty or more times without hitting her five times to receive a Piece of Heart.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 沼地 (Numachi) Swamp
Chinese-speaking regions Chinese 沼地 Swamp
French-speaking countries French Marais du Sud Southern Swamp
Federal Republic of Germany German Sümpfe des Vergessens Swamps of Madness
Italian Republic Italian Palude (MM3D) Swamp
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Pantano del sur Southern swamp


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  1. The Southern Swamp is referred to as the Marsh Land in the July 2000 edition of Nintendo Power.[1] However, as this directly contradicts its in-game name, this name is not considered Canon.


  1. "Although much seems familiar in this parallel world, the land of Termina is not a mirror image of Hyrule. At its center is Clock Town. Paths radiate out from the hub, leading to adventures and dungeons where Link will face some of the main enemy characters. The outer regions include the Marsh Land, Woodfall, Termina Field, Pirate Fortress and Deku Palace among many others." (Nintendo Power Volume 134 (Nintendo Power), pg. 55)
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