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Southern Ruins

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Southern Ruins
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The Southern Ruins is a location in A Link Between Worlds.[1] It is a region located in Hyrule and Lorule.[2]

Features and Overview

The Southern Ruins is a region in southern Hyrule and Lorule consisting primarily of marshes and ancient ruins. It is situated directly south of Link's House (south of the Vacant House in Lorule), west of Lake Hylia (Lorule Lake in Lorule), and to the far east of the Desert (Misery Mire in Lorule). Its location corresponds to the Great Swamp and Plains of Ruin of A Link to the Past.

In the southern half of the region stands a ruin entrance. In Hyrule, the ruins are the entrance to a Treasure Hunter Cave, containing puzzles that may be solved for treasure. In Lorule, it serves as the entrance to the Swamp Palace. In the northern half, on the other side of the pond, is a portal between the two worlds behind a stone pillar.

A concealed cave to the left of the northern entrance in Hyrule can be found by blasting the wall open with a Bomb, where the Runaway Item Seller had fled to after his wife got mad at him. The man requests that Link bring him a Scoot Fruit so he can flee to a dungeon, and rewards Link a Silver Rupee for the errand.

In Lorule, the cave is instead inhabited by the Thief Girl after she escapes from the Thieves' Hideout. She gives Link Rupees in gratitude for saving her.