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Soups in Twilight Princess

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TP Simple Soup Render.png
Simple Soup
Use(s) Recovering Hearts

Soups are items in Twilight Princess. Like restorative Potions, they are kept in empty Bottles and can be drunk to recover lost health.

Location and Uses

Soups come in various types, each with their own healing properties. Generally, higher quality Soups will recover more Hearts when drunk. Link can store a portion of Soup in an empty Bottle by swiping it near the respective cauldron. Most Soups can be obtained in the Snowpeak Ruins, made by Yeto in a cauldron for his ill wife Yeta.[1] The Soups found in the Snowpeak Ruins are the only way to recover lost Hearts while exploring the dungeon. Yeto's Soup will upgrade as Link brings him key ingredients while searching for the Bedroom Key, which will improve the quality and restorative benefits of the Soup. After clearing the dungeon, Link can return to the Snowpeak Ruins anytime to take some Soup for free.

Simple Soup

Simple Soup is the starting Soup that Yeto makes for his wife Yeta. This Soup recovers two Hearts and is made from Reekfish.[2][3]

Good Soup

Good Soup is created when Link gives Yeto an Ordon Pumpkin, turning the Simple Soup into Good Soup.[4] It recovers four Hearts when drunk.[5]

Superb Soup

Superb Soup is created when Link gives Yeto Ordon Goat Cheese, turning the Good Soup into Superb Soup. It recovers eight Hearts when drunk, the same amount as Red Potions.[6]

Nasty Soup

Nasty Soup can be found in Coro's cauldron near the Faron Spring in Faron Woods. Coro will not let Link take any of the Soup until he lights the fire underneath the cauldron using the Lantern. When drunk, the Soup will randomly recover Hearts or damage Link.[7]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Nasty Soup Simple Soup Good Soup Superb Soup
Japan Japanese まずいスープ (Mazui Sūpu) 作りかけのスープ (Tsukuri Kake no Sūpu) 普通のスープ (Futsuu no Sūpu) 極上のスープ (Gokujou Sūpu)
French Republic FrenchEU Soupe infecte Soupe fraîche Soupe ordinaire Soupe fine
Federal Republic of Germany German Ekelsuppe Triforce piece.png Dünne Suppe Triforce piece.png Normale Suppe Triforce piece.png Luxussuppe Triforce piece.png
Italian Republic Italian Brodaglia salata Zuppa di pesce Consommé di zucca Potage au fromage
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Sopa amarga Sopa corriente Sopa rica Sopa deliciosa



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