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Snake's Remains

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Snake's Remains
Snake's Remains Entrance.png
Location(s) Woods of Winter
Game(s) Oracle of Seasons
Main Item Power Bracelet
Mini-boss(es) Facade
Boss(es) Dodongo
Quest Reward(s)Gift of Time
Heart Container

The Snake's Remains is the second dungeon in Oracle of Seasons.[1] The Gift of Time, the second Essence of Nature obtained on Link's quest, is found within this dungeon.

Entrance to the Remains

In order to access the Snake's Remains, which is found within the Woods of Winter, Link must obtain the Rod of Seasons from the Temple of Seasons to restore winter to the woods. However, since Link has only the power to change the seasons to winter at the time, he will not be able to access the dungeon itself, as it is blocked off by a mound of snow. The snow can only be cleared with a Shovel, which can be obtained from Holly who lives nearby. However, the entrance to Holly's home is also blocked off by snow, so Link must instead enter by the chimney. After startling Holly and being mistaken for Santa Claus,[2] Link is given the shovel by Holly and is told to clear her walkway, allowing him to keep the shovel afterwards.[3] With the shovel, Link is finally able to access the Snake's Remains.

Themes and Navigation

The Snake's Remains is an dark and eerie dungeon with purple walls and floors. True to its name, the map reveals that the dungeon is shaped like a snake. It is also infested with Ropes.

The majority of the rooms within the dungeon feature blocks, which are somehow related to that room's puzzle. Within the dungeon, there exists an room unmarked on the dungeon map, accessed by a bombable wall, where Rupees are scattered across the floor. The only hint Link receives of the room's existence is the formation of the blocks in the adjacent room, which seem to form an arrow pointing at the bombable wall. Also within the dungeon are two staircases leading outside the dungeon to an otherwise inaccessible section of the Woods of Winter where a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed is found. Link must climb up the staircase to this area, cross it, and reenter the dungeon through another staircase to obtain a Small Key within an isolated area of the dungeon.

In total, there are four keys found within the dungeon (including the Boss Key). The main item of the dungeon is the Power Bracelet, which can be used to lift and push heavy items out of the way, allowing Link to progress further into the dungeon. The Sub-Boss of the dungeon is Facade, an enemy composed uniquely of a pair of eyes and a mouth, seemingly ingrained into the floor of the dungeon. Defeating Facade leads to the obtention of the Boss Key, allowing Link to access the lair of the dungeon's boss, Dodongo. After the Dodongo is defeated, Link will acquire a Heart Container and the Gift of Time, the Essence of Nature he was searching for.

Minor Traps and Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 蛇のなきがら (Hebi no Nakigara) Snake Remains
French-speaking countries French Ruines Serpent Snake Ruins
Federal Republic of Germany German Schlangengrube Snakepit
Italian Republic Italian Rovine Serpente Snake Ruins
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Restos de Serpiente Snake's Remains



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  2. "AHH!!! You startled me! Winter sets in all of a sudden, then down my chimney comes... You're not Santa!" — Holly (Oracle of Seasons)
  3. "Now take this shovel and clear the snow from my walkway! Keep the shovel when you're done." — Holly (Oracle of Seasons)
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