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Smotherwing Butterfly

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Smotherwing Butterfly
BotW Smotherwing Butterfly Model.png

Smotherwing Butterflies are Creatures and Materials in Breath of the Wild.[name reference missing]

Location and Uses

Hyrule Compendium Entry

070 (070) Smotherwing Butterfly
BotW Hyrule Compendium Smotherwing Butterfly.png
This rare butterfly lives in volcanic regions. Its body contains a heat-resistant liquid, which can be turned into a topical elixir that offers resistance to flames.
Common Locations
Eldin Canyon
Death Mountain
Hearts Recovered
No restorative effect
Cooking Effects
Flame Guard

Smotherwing Butterflies can be found in areas with Scorching Climate, often on the edges of lava lakes.

They can also be purchased from Beedle at the East Akkala Stable and Wetland Stable for 10 Rupees apiece.