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Main appearance(s)

Smog is the Boss of the Crown Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1]


Smog appears as a gaseous, horned face that challenges Link to a deadly game,[2] which plays out over four rounds that combine traditional combat with puzzle-solving elements. Each round begins with an arrangement of solid blocks appearing in the room, and Smog dividing itself into several smaller forms. These pieces of Smog attach themselves to the solid blocks and move around their perimeters like Sparks, immune to harm from any of Link's weapons; instead Link must use the Cane of Somaria to create new blocks that divert the pieces' paths, forcing them to collide and recombine into the original Smog. To aid in redirecting the pieces, some of the existing blocks can be pushed once, and the pieces can be momentarily slowed down by striking them with the Sword. If Link's use of the Cane of Somaria causes any of the pieces to detach from the blocks, they will vanish and reappear in their original positions. At any point, Link can step on a Floor Switch in the northwest corner of the room to reset the blocks and the pieces of Smog to their original positions.

In the first and third rounds, Smog divides into two pieces, while in the second and fourth rounds, it divides into three. Recombining two of the three pieces forms a slower-moving, medium-sized Smog which must then be combined with the third piece. The small and medium pieces of Smog will periodically spit blue fireballs toward Link, which can be dispelled with the Sword. When Smog is returned to its original form, it will detach from the solid blocks and slowly float in pursuit of Link, spitting lightning bolts that electrocute Link on contact. Smog is otherwise vulnerable to Link's Sword in this form and will be defeated by several strikes, setting up the next and more difficult round. After defeating Smog in the fourth round, it will leave behind a Heart Container, and the door to the Sacred Soil will be opened.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese バロム (Baromu)
Federal Republic of Germany German Smog



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  2. "It's time for our little game! I break apart. If you can force me back together and blow me away, it ends! But before you do, I shall take a bit of your soul!!! Now begin!" — Smog (Oracle of Ages)
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