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LADX Smasher Sprite 2.png
Smasher carrying its Ball from Link's Awakening DX
Dungeon(s)Face Shrine
Turtle Rock
Crown Dungeon

Smasher is a recurring Sub-Boss in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Smasher is a mysterious round creature with dog-like behavior. It attacks by picking up a heavy Ball and throwing it at Link, who must pick it up with his Power Bracelet and throw it back at Smasher before the Boss is able to retrieve it.

Link's Awakening

Smasher is found in a hidden room in Face Shrine, in one of the "eyes" on the Dungeon map. The only way to access this room is to open the wall with Bombs. After defeating Smasher, a warp to the entrance of the Dungeon will appear and Link can pass through to a room that contains a secret passageway deeper into the Dungeon. However, if he cannot find the passageway, the rooms will loop endlessly. Smasher later appears in Turtle Rock along with other Sub-Bosses, where it will continue to reappear even after being destroyed.

Oracle of Ages

Smasher is found as the Sub-Boss of the Crown Dungeon on Rolling Ridge.[2] The only major difference from its Link's Awakening incarnation is that the Ball will disappear after a short while after being thrown and reappear closer to Smasher.


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