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OoT Quiver Artwork.png
Holding Arrows

Quivers are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Quivers are bags in which Link can carry Arrows for use with a Bow. When a Bow is obtained, it usually comes with its respective Quiver. Quivers can also be upgraded, thereby increasing the capacity of Arrows Link can carry at a time.[2] Most of the time they can be obtained in any order; therefore, the first upgrade obtained will always be a medium-sized Quiver, while the next upgrade will be the largest. Skyward Sword introduced extra Quivers, which can hold extra Arrows when held in the Adventure Pouch.[3] These can also be upgraded in the Scrap Shop.[4]

In earlier games, such as A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, Quivers were absent; therefore, Link's Arrow capacity was instead increased by the blessings of other characters, such as Venus and the Mad Batter.[5]

Upgrade Locations

Quiver Location Method of Obtainment Capacity
Ocarina of Time
OoT3D Quiver Icon.png
Forest Temple Obtained with the Fairy Bow. 30 Arrows
OoT3D Big Quiver Icon.png
Big Quiver
Kakariko Village Obtained by shooting all 10 targets at the Shooting Gallery as adult Link. 40 Arrows
OoT3D Biggest Quiver Icon.png
Biggest Quiver
Gerudo's Fortress Obtained by scoring 1,500 points at the Horseback Archery Range. 50 Arrows
Majora's Mask
OoT3D Quiver Icon.png
Woodfall Temple Obtained with the Hero's Bow. 30 Arrows
OoT3D Big Quiver Icon.png
Large Quiver
East Clock Town Obtained by scoring 40 points at the Shooting Gallery. 40 Arrows
OoT3D Biggest Quiver Icon.png
Largest Quiver
Woodfall Temple Obtained by achieving a perfect score at the Swamp Shooting Gallery. 50 Arrows
The Wind Waker
BigQuiverWW.png Western Fairy Island Obtained from the Great Fairy. 60 Arrows
Quiver.png Thorned Fairy Island Obtained from the Great Fairy. 99 Arrows
The Minish Cap
Large Quiver
Hyrule Town Purchased at Stockwell's Shop for 600 Rupees. 50 Arrows
Large Quiver
Wind Ruins Obtained from a chest atop a beanstalk after fusing Kinstones with a Minish. 70 Arrows
Large Quiver
Royal Valley Obtained from the Great Dragonfly Fairy after answering all her questions correctly. 99 Arrows
Twilight Princess
TPHD Quiver Icon.png
Goron Mines Obtained with the Hero's Bow. 30 Arrows
TPHD Big Quiver Icon.png
Big Quiver
Hyrule Castle Town Obtained by completing the STAR Game for the first time. 60 Arrows
TPHD Giant Quiver Icon.png
Giant Quiver
Hyrule Castle Town Obtained by completing the STAR Game a second time after obtaining the Double Clawshot. 100 Arrows
Phantom Hourglass
PH Quiver 30.png
Molida Island Obtained by scoring 1,700 points at the Shooting Gallery. 30 Arrows
PH Quiver 50.png
Molida Island or
Mercay Island
Purchased at Molida's Store or Mercay Island Shop for 1,000 Rupees after completing the Temple of Courage. 50 Arrows
Spirit Tracks
ST Quiver 20 Icon.png
Fire Temple Obtained with the Bow. 20 Arrows
ST Quiver 30 Icon.png
Goron Village Purchased at the Goron Country Store for 2,000 Rupees after completing the Fire Temple. 30 Arrows
ST Quiver 50 Icon.png
Pirate Hideout Obtained by scoring between 3,000 and 4,000 point at the minigame. 50 Arrows
Skyward Sword
SS Small Quiver Icon.png
Small Quiver
Skyloft Bazaar Purchased from the Gear Shop for 150 Rupees. 5 extra Arrows
SS Small Quiver Icon.png
Small Quiver
The Sky Obtained from a Goddess Chest in the Thunderhead. 5 extra Arrows
SS Medium Quiver Icon.png
Medium Quiver
Skyloft Bazaar Obtained by upgrading the Quiver at the Scrap Shop. 10 extra Arrows
SS Large Quiver Icon.png
Large Quiver
Skyloft Bazaar Obtained by upgrading the Medium Quiver at the Scrap Shop. 15 extra Arrows


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French-speaking countries French Carquois Quiver
Federal Republic of Germany German Köcher Quiver
Italian Republic Italian Faretra Quiver
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Carcaj Quiver



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